Essen 2015 - Czech Games Edition

Release Date: Oct. 21, 2015

Running Time:   18 min.

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Jana Zemankova chats about several new releases from CGE from heavy strategy to party game and everything in between.

Through The Ages: A New Story of Civilization is a rebalanced edition of the epic stategy game from Vlaada Chvatil. Beginning in the age of antquity, you must guide your civilization to have the most culture at the end of the modern age.

Prodigal's Club is a thematic sequel to Vladimir Suchy's Last Will. Victorian gentlemen race to rid themselves of social status. Try to lose an election, rid yourself of possessions and offend the most influential people in high society in order to win this race to the bottom run of the social ladder.

Codenames is a simple addictive party game playable by any group young or old. Two teams compete to discover which of 25 common everyday words are the codenames for their team's spies. The giver for your team knows the identity of your spies and must give one word clues to help you find them. The better the clue, the more chance you may find multiple spies with a single word. 

Galaxy Trucker: Missions adds scenarios from the digital app to the beloved tile laying space ship building game.

Tash Kalar: Nethervoid introduces a new player deck of demons and gateways to the abstract fantasy battle game.

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