Essen 2015 - Hans im Gluck

Release Date: Oct. 18, 2015

Running Time:  10 min.

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Moritz Brunnhofer chats about several new releases including two new editions of Carcassonne.

Star Wars Carcassonne adds factions and dice based combat to the classic tile laying game.

Carcasonne: Over Hill & Dale was commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of Health. Send your meeples on hikes and harvest food tokens to score.

We also discuss Skyliners, a light pattern building game with 3D buildings, and expansions for Marco Polo and Russian Railroads.

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Star Wars Carcassonne         BGG


Carcassonne: Over Hill & Dale       Hans im Gluck  |  BGG


Skyliners      Hans im Gluck  |   BGG


Marco Polo Mini-Expansion       BGG

German Railroads         BGG