Couldn't be happier for you guys. Colts were certainly the best team. Good to see Manning win the big one. Really glad for Dungy as well. Enjoy the celebration.



The Super Bowl was the best 3 hour shower I'll ever have. What an amazing experience! Everything seemed stacked against the Colts and still they dug deep and found a way to win. It poured and I mean POURED the entire game. I had to buy new shoes today because mine were so soaked I couldnt wear them home! But I wouldnt trade the experience for the world. I'll remember it as long as I live.

I have followed the team since their Baltimore days and since I was six years old, so it is hard to put into words how proud and happy I am. It's just a game, yes, I know. But as we try to convey on The Spiel, games can teach you a lot about a person. I've been living and dying on every play of every Colt season for so long, for good or ill, this team has become part of how I mark time in my life. And to see them reach the pinnacle of their chosen endeavor just seems right for all the years of heartbreak and mediocrity. Hard work and diligence sometimes do pay off! And maybe just maybe if it can happen to the Colts, hard work and diligence in our own endeavors will also lead to great things!

Stephen, still grinning like an idiot