Five games for a trip to Mars

Here's a challenge: Pick five games that would work well on a trip to Mars (and hopefully back). Things to consider:

-space is tight so they should be small
-they need to work well in a low or zero-g environment (no meeples drifting into the guidance system)
-they need a high degree of re-playability since you aren't getting any other games for a couple of years
-they shouldn't cause players to storm off in a huff since there's no place (survivable) to storm off to

Good luck, the future of humanity in space depends on your efforts.


Get any of the "cling" card games that use magnets.

"To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life's problems." -- Homer J. Simpson

Fun challenge! We'll add it to our ever-growing list.

Reminds me of the desert island disc question where you pick the five cds you would want on a deserted island. This kind of game challenge would force you to pick games you really love. That's always an agonizing but fun debate.