Spiel NFL Pick 'Em Pool

Listener Jim Grosch generously offered to set up a Spiel NFL Pick 'Em pool for anyone interested on his web site: officepools.com.

Naturally, I said go for it!

Here's the link to our pool.

The rules are pretty simple. Pick the winner of every NFL game each week.  You are awarded more points by the bigger risk you take, so sometimes you may want to pay attention to the point spread and pick a few risky upsets.

We are gearing up for the first Colts pre-season game in the new stadium, so there is football fever in the air here at Spiel Central. Kickoff can't come soon enough!

I'l make an announcement about the pool on the next show, but feel free to join now.

Thanks again to Jim for setting everything up.


Man o Man - I had 9 points going into the afternoon games and ended up with only 11 by the end of week 1. Choke!

Yes, I know what you mean. Plenty of late upsets crushed my hope of getting out to a big lead with my picks. We're still very much in the hunt, though, so watch out!

Congrats go out tocrafdog, deanandbek, magicode and scooterb23 this week. They are leading the Spiel pool with 13 total points!

I'm hanging tough, tied with mi54 for second place with 12. Where's Dave, you ask?  He's still in contention with 10.

Good luck in week 2!

Two sit atop the leader board this week: Dave (The Dice Man Cometh) and magiccode!

It's still a very tight race, though, with 5 tied for second place and three for third. Lots of room for improvement come next Sunday...

For anyone interested, here's the complete listing.

This week seemed ripe for some upsets, but it seems I picked them all wrong. The teams I thought would upset lost, and the ones I thought were hopeless won big (thanks for nothing New England).  Now if I could just stop picking my hometown Cleveland Browns...

4 weeks ago, I was in 23rd place after a beautiful 3-11 week.


Currently (before it adds in my correct Giants pick) I'm in 9th only 8 points from the lead!  It's getting tight!  Don't choke you leaders you :)