Episode 180: Spiel des Schpiel 2013

Release Date: July 8, 2013

Running Time:  168 min.

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Movies have the Oscars. Games have the Spiel des Jahres. We play and review the three nominees, Augustus, Hanabi, and Qwixx, and try to predict the winner.

Kinderpiel des Jahres Nominees: Hanabi, Augustus, Qwixx
Recommended List:  Mixtour, Yay!, Riff Raff, Divinare, Rondo, Escape, Hand aufs Herz, Libertalia
News: Scopa Kickstarter, GenCon booth, Spiel dinner

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Scopa: Gamers Edition    Now Available on Kickstarter!

Our version of the classic Italian card game with a modern twist... meeples, dice dominoes and cards in place of the historical suits!

GenCon Booth - Scheduling Interviews Now!

We will be covering GenCon this year from our very own media booth on the trade show floor! Look for us next to the Game Salute Booth. We'll have a small video set with cameras, lights and microphones running.

We will be recording interviews Thursday - Saturday from 10:30 - 5:00. If you are a publisher or a designer and would like to sign up for a 30 minute time slot, please contact us!

Spiel Dinner - Friday, August 16, 6:30 Milano Inn

We can seat 16-20 people for our annual meetup. Please RSVP to stephen@thespiel.net if you would like to attend as space is limited! Milano Inn is a great locally ownd Italian restaurant. We are able to reserve a private dining room for free provided all diners order at least $15 in food/drink over the course of the evening.

Spiel des Jahres Nominees

Hanabi   BGG | R&R Games | Abacusspiele

Augustus  BGG | Asmodee

Qwixx  BGG | NSV | Gamewright

Recommended Games List 

Mixtour   BGG  |  Spielstein

Yay!  BGG  |  Noris

Riff Raff   BGG  | Zoch

Divinare   BGG  |  Asmodee

Rondo   BGG  | Schmidt

Escape: Curse of the Temple   BGG  |  Queen

Hand aufs Herz   BGG  | Zoch

La Boca    BGG  |  KOSMOS  |  Z-Man

Libertalia   BGG  |  Asmodee


Music credits include

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles   by Mr. Goon-Bones  | the song

Firecracker   by The Waitiki 7  |  the song

Briggs' Corn Shucking Jig  by The Carolina Chocolate Drops  |  the song

The In Crowd   by Karl Swoboda  |  the song

Run Mountain   by The Carolina Chocolate Drops  |  the song

Boodle-De-Bum-Bum  by The Carolina Chocolate Drops  |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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Hanabi is the winner of the 2013 Spiel des Jahres!

Congratulations to designer Antoine Bauza and publisher Abacusspiele!