Scribbler #10: Ten Little Words (Word Block Puzzle)

Release Date: Jan. 7, 2013

Word Block Puzzle

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Scribbler #10

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Ten little words.. OK, ten little game titles, how hard could this be?

Your job is to assemble all the word blocks provided to create ten game titles. Don't worry; there's a clue for each one included. Once you have all the game titles, you can solve the second puzzle.

Good luck!

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Download the puzzle using the links above.


We've adjusted one clue in the puzzle. Clue #8 should have a question mark, so it reads: Danza show?

The new PDF version of the puzzle has the question mark in it. If you downloaded the puzzle in the first 12 hours or so, it might not have it.

Have fun!

I've got the 10 answers...  now to try to make sense of the final one word solution.  Should we send both the 10 answers and the final answer to Dave?  Or just the final?

you can send both answers to Dave. He likes grading papers. :)