Episode 143: Come on Down!

Release Date: Dec. 12, 2011

Running Time:  116 min.

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You're the next contestant. We review two more Easy Play titles: Drachen Wurf and Big Points. Then, join us for the virtual Spiel-a-thon, an audio game show with fabulous prizes. 

News & Notes:  Ragami, Quarmageddon, Omen (2nd Ed.)
The List:  
 Drachen Wurf, Big Points
Contests:  6 contests for fun games and dice
Virtual Spiel-a-thon:  3-part audio game show with fabulous prizes

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Ragami BGG  |  Mesa Board Games

A 2012 release from Portuguese  publisher Mesa Board games. Players take on the role of a guardian angel, a Ragami, working to help people of the city to overcome their inner conflicts.

Quarmageddon!   BGG | Official Site


The second expansion to Quarriors promises 40 new dice and several new mechanics.

Omen: Reign of War (2nd Edition)   BGG | Kickstarter


Sons of Zeus battle for control of Greece. Small Box Games is using Kickstarter to fund the new printing of Omen. The new edition comes with the base game plus an expansion and a larger box to fit all cards (sleeved). 

The List

Drachen Wurf  BGG  


Roll dice to collect dragon tiles to assemble rows of like-colored dragons or similar terrain. A marriage of press-your-luck style mechanics with Qwirkle style tile building.

Big Points BGG  


Move pawns forward on a road made of colored discs. Collect discs near the pawns you move, hoping to maneuver the colors you collect the most of to the top of the podium.

Contests (Deadline: January 16 - midnight)

Remember! Send a separate email for each contest you wish to enter to dave@thespiel.net

The entry links below have the specific contest subject lines embedded within them. 

For additional rules for entry, please listen to the show. 


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Virtual Spiel-a-thon

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Final Question Cards (pdf)

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Music credits include:

Like a Monkey Likes Coconuts by The Hoosier Hotshots  |  download the song

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Some Days You Can't Make A Nickel by The Hoosier Hotshots  |  download the song

What Is So Rare by The Hoosier Hotshots  |  download the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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 I was a bit behind in my listening - 1 day late!

 Heh. Now that's timing! Hopefully you enjoyed to contest goofiness anyway. :)