Episode 109: GenCon 2010 - Part 2

109: GenCon 2010 - Part 2

Release Date: August 23, 2010

Running Time: 138 min.

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Games are global. From France and Belgium to Korea and Mongolia and back... all at one convention. We conclude our GenCon coverage with a dozen interviews including a chat with the great designer, Tom Wham.


Asmodee Editions
Korean Pavilion
Days of Wonder
Steve Jackson Games
Blue Kabuto Games
Conquest Gaming
Travesty Games
P & G Games
Designer Tom Wham
Artist Beth Trott
Crocodile Games
Hamster Press

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

GenCon Interviews 

Asmodee Editions Link


Korean Pavilion 



Days of Wonder Link

Steve Jackson Games  Link

Blue Kabuto Games  Link


Conquest Gaming  Link

Travesty Games  Link


P & G Games  Link

Designer Tom Wham Link


Artist Beth Trott   Link

Crocodile Games  Link

Hamster Press   Link



Music credits (courtesy of Ioda Promonet) include:

Night Life in Shanghai  by The Shanghai Restoration Project  -  buy the track

Gop-Stop  by Limpopobuy the track

Martini Mamma  by Rich Dolmat  -  buy the track

Kegga Beer & Potato Chips  by Red Elvises  -  buy the track


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!


Okay, I've listened to this episode through 3 times now and haven't picked up on Part 6 of the Name That Game clue.  Surely this is a devious plot to brainwash Spiel listeners through repeated listenings and subliminal messages....

Is there a part 6 and I am somehow missing it?


Dave goofed a little in his description of the puzzle. There are 5 clues and a hint.

The hint is cleverly placed after the end credit music (where the bloopers normally appear). It is a hint after all, so it shouldn't be too obvious. :)

Sorry for the confusion!

What is the Pool name? Is it just "The Spiel"?

Whoops! Forgot to include the name of the Office Pool.

Better late than never. It is:

The Spiel's 2010 NFL Pool

join the fun at Fun Office Pools.

Thanks for a great time guys!  I was there for the Steve Jackson Game interview and then you got my plug for some goober (last guy on part 1)...

Listening to you always rekindles my love for gaming!  Thank you!

Plus when do you guys play?  I would love to sit with you and play sometime....sounds like it would be a blast.

As a light gamer (and mostly wargames) I was introduced (late) to Dominion at GenCon and LOVE IT...have you guys reviewed that?  Cant seem to find it in past episodes.

Keep up the great work!



Thanks, Bryan! We're glad we can stoke that fire. :)

At cons, we play games with Spielers every evening. By evening I mean after dinner until the wee hours of the morning. You're welcome to join us, of course.

The location has been a bit of a moving target the past few years due to the ongoing construction. We hope, starting next year, we'll be able to claim a spot in one of the open game rooms and not have to move.

As I did this year, I'll post a provisional itinerary here on the forums for GenCon when we get close to the date.

We reviewed Dominion as part of our Schpiel des Spiel episodes last year, since it was a nominee. Here's a link to the episode.


Hey guys,

Great coverage of the Cons again this year.  It always makes me wich I could go and it gives me lots of fun hours scouring the net finding out more about the companies and people you interview.

This one was a double sized treat for me!  What a pleasure it was to hear your interview with Tom Wham!  He has been (through no fault of his own) my hero and mentor for many years.  I grew up on a steady diet of his Dragon Mag published games. 

I wore out most of them at least once until I was smart enough to buy the back issues and make a copy of the game to use thus keeping the original ready to copy when I wear out the latest version!

You can't begin to imagine how jealous I am that you got to meet him in person.  That's awesome!  Thanks for the interview.


I know what you mean about Mr. Wham. I was quite the fanboy when we approached him for the interview. If I had been thinking I should have brought my copy of Awful Green Things for him to sign... or at least draw me an ook bird. :)

I was also an early suscriber to Dragon and loved the games included.

Take a look at some of the prototypes on his site (links above). He's been busy over the years.