Episode 101: How You Like Them Apples?

101: How You Like Them Apples?

Release Date: Apr. 26, 2010

Running Time:  118 min.

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Like peas and carrots. We serve up your recommended daily allowance of games featuring fruits and veggies including: Fruit Fair, a la Carte, and a Hoosier classic.

News & Notes: Yahtzee Scratch-off, iPad board games, Invaders from Outer Space
The List: Fruit Fair
Table Talk: 
Bacchus' Banquet

A History of Games in 100 Objects:  A kernel of corn
Truckloads of Goober:  a la Carte
Game Sommelier:  5 games we have covered in the past with staying power
Kid's Table: 
Ringo Flamingo

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Yahtzee Scratch & Play link


Diceless Yahtzee in disposable scratch-off booklets. What the?

iPad Board Game Apps

Small World



Game Table

Invasion from Outer Space Official Site | BGG


The upcoming new release from Flying Frog pits circus freaks against a wave of Martian invaders. Compatible with their zombie horror game, Last Night on Earth.

The List

Fruit Fair Official Site | BGG

Pick and plant wisely to earn the best ribbons. But be careful to manage your selection of fruits or you'll lose out on special ability tiles which help pave the way to victory.

A History of Games in 100 Objects

A kernel of corn

From ancient Greece and bored soldiers to backyards and barnlots... all from a humble seed.

 ACO  |  ACA

Table Talk

Bacchus' Banquet Official Site | BGG 


Keep your character's secret victory condition while attending a feast hosted by Caligula. Watch your waistline, though. If you eat too much, you'll fall into a food coma!

The Kid's Table

Ring-O Flamingo Official Site | BGG

Fling your rings from lifeboats onto whimsical flamingos while avoiding the dreaded alligators.

Truckloads of Goober

A la Carte Official Site | BGG 


Psychotic chefs attempt to spice their dishes using condiment dispensers filled with strangely shaped pellets. One shake could leave you with a dish fit only for the pigs. Comes with mini-stoves, pans, and cool condiment shakers for each player.

The Game Sommelier

The challenge: 

5 games Dave is glad he doesn't have to play again

Sushi Roll




Cutthroat Caverns


5 games Dave pines away for





Lord of the Rings


5 games Dave plays all the time







Next Challenge: 5 essential area-control games for players new to the genre.



Music credits (courtesy of Ioda Promonet) include:

"Fruiteria" by The Krayolas - buy the track

"Fruit is Sweet" by Gabby Glaser - buy the track

"Ripest Fruit" by Taxi Taxi! - buy the track

"Cornbread Man" by Mississippi Chris Sharp - buy the track

Non-Ioda tracks

"Kitchen Kabaret Medley" by La La Land


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!


 I really enjoyed the first '100 objects' section.  The pedant in me believes the object should really have been the horseshoe rather than the kernel of corn but, hey, that's immaterial because it was the interesting content that shone through.

Keep up the good work... and continue to take a left field approach :-)


The Sommelier was interesting, especially because Cutthroat Cavern has been on my want list for quite some time. Clearly I should try before I buy on that one. 

But what happened to Twilight Imperium ? I was expecting that on the gathering dust list !


I take some issue with the mid-way ('Dave pines') list. I can't help thinking that games that don't come to the table within, say, a year are games that you have memories about being good but clearly aren't good enough for you to really insist on playing again.

I have lots of games in that category - but when it comes to getting them to the table they always seem to get trumped by something else. By my definition this is not staying power.

But games I really like: I do everything I can to ensure they get table time. So War of the Ring, for example, despite being a 4 hour game, still gets its love because to me it has true staying power and I hassle my buddies to play (not difficult, now, as one of them has bought the Collectors edition)

Since you were the inspiration for the segment, I am glad the first attempt at "100 Objects" met with your approval. I like the kernel as the choice of object simply because it shows where the game is *now* rather than where it has been. The object doesn't have to be the most important one in the chain. Sometimes it can be the most interesting or oddball item in the weird line of connections.

Plus, we live in Indiana. There's a state law we have to  praise corn every chance we get.

Twilight Imperium would definitely be on my never again list. Dave is willing to give it another go, but he'll have to find someone else to play my part that session!

I do see your point on games that fall in the muddy middle. They're enjoyable on some level but not compelling enough to warrant excitement at the prospect of playing again. There are certainly lots of titles fall in this category.

That said, there are also many titles that get regular play even beyond the classic titles Dave mentioned as his favorites. Because he and I have odd schedules, we tend to play the games for the show on first priority and then squeeze in extras as time allows. With Francie and others in our gaming circles I play a ton of games we have covered on a semi-regular basis, including such titles as : Kingsburg, Long Shot, Tobago, The Adventurers, Pandemic, Galaxy Trucker, Ghost Stories, Toledo, Qwirkle, and Pillars of the Earth.

Our pal Jason has been angling for a regular time to play more wargames and I am all for it. Like you said, if we're motivated we'll make time to include more of them in our rotation.

I am just starting the episode (a little behind in my listening) , and smooth black dice with white etching is my favorite. I sure hope they aren't the BGG.con dice - I have to try and get a pair of those!

You're in luck, Jonathan. The black/white dice are Spiel On! dice. Win a Your Move contest and you'll get a pair.

More dice pics coming soon!

OK - I finished today, and it was a great episode; Not something I completly expected given the subject ;)

100 Objects was awesome. Maybe I had this backwards, but gaming really got me into history, and I have really enjoyed all of the little history pieces at the start of games that warrant it. This was an extended version.

Glad you enjoyed the show even if the title or the games might not have seemed very interesting at first glance.

You know, Dave has said the very same thing about history and games. Perhaps it's my not so subtle influence in Dave's case! :) Even so, I think games provide a great gateway into a wide variety of historical subjects. Sometimes it's obvious (1960: Making othe President, Hammer of the Scots) but I hope my brief interludes show that even oddball games have some really fun historical connections.


Just finished listening to this episode today, had a couple things I wanted to chime in with.

 Fruit Fair, yeah, I completely agree with you guys.  I had completely dismissed this game because of the cover art.  But, after playing Jet Set last year, I may have to give this one a try.  You've also rekindled my interest on Claim It!  Which I believe was another older Wattsalpoag game.

 Also: any day when I get to sing along with "Veggie Veggie FRUIT FRUIT!" is a great day.

 I also really want to grab a cheap copy of Sushi Roll, just to see if I can put a game with the dice.  Sounds like a challenge.  Among several challenges I have on my plate right now.


Speaking of which, I hit a large bump in the road with my "port" of the History Channel Expedition game, but now that I have a job again (yay!) I can overcome that bump.  Only...how will I find the time to work on it??  :)