Scribbler #4 - Dem Bones

Scribbler #4 - Dem Bones

Release Date: July 20, 2009

Match-Up Puzzle

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Dave needs your help. He keeps his dice in trays, separate from his games.
The problem is, he can’t remember which games go with these dice.
Your challenge is to match the dice to the correct game title for each number listed. As added incentive, players with the most correct responses will be placed into a drawing for one of two FREE GAMES: Race for the Galaxy and Airships, courtesy of The Game Preserve.

Send your solutions to  Good Luck!

Download the puzzle and the solution using the links above.


This is a tough challenge. I just glanced at it and only recognized two games. Maybe time to investigate some.

one word:



only know ten off the bat :-(

Time for some research

I've figured out nearly half of them, but if you don't actually own all 40 games, I don't see how a person can hope to get them all.  I guess we'll be submitting our best guesses at the deadline and just hope to have the most.  :). 

We know you Spielers are always up for a challenge!

Dave and I have a side bet on the highest number of correct guesses submitted. Heh. It would be a pleasant surprise if someone was able to get them all right.

I came up with the concept and Dave mined the depths of his collection to find some really obscure dice. When I sat down to solve the puzzle, I got to the low 30s before I finally cried uncle and had to ask for help.

 Great challenge! Very cool. Got a couple so far...

 Not as easy as it looks.  Google searches not helping too much.  Will keep pushing for a few more...

25 is respectable, but just to spur you on...

some Spielers are well on their way to 35+

insert evil laugh here :)

That means that my measly 32 is worthless!

 Okay now up to 32...oh my eyes...searching may be hurting my eyes but man I'm finding some great games to try...


Great scribbler!!

OK, that may or may not be true, but after all of the work this Scribbler has taken, I'd be REAL sad to lose because of a dice-off between tied entries.  :)

I'm extremely disappointed by the dice aficianodoes on the geek.  Not obscure enough.

I'm also intensely curious about #26.  it looks like a dice from a really really old game. 

The two that are killing me are that alphabet die and one with the ear on it.  I zoomed in on the latter and saw a random spider man symbol in the slot with it, which lead me to be more confused than anything else. 

 I'm with you, I am really curious to see what my missing ones were.  

One of the best game related contests!


A great idea that only fits too well into what we know of Dave's dice fetish =)

The one with the ear on it does indeed have a spider web on another face. I actually know that game because I like to play it sometimes with friends.

I only recognized 9 off the top of my head, but then I have been so busy that I never got a chance to look for matches and today BGG is down. :)

I agree we should discuss once the contest is over tonight.  I'm dying to know what #26 is too.  It looks like it could be a tree or a volcano or a mushroom cloud.  Its just too hard to make out

I'm dying to know what some of the ones I missed were.

I really really want to know number 25 - got all the rest though, I think.

Since the deadline is passed, we can talk about it now I suppose.  I believe #25 was from a game called Tibbits.  Thanks to Kevin at for providing that one for me :)

That was one I didn't get as well. 

The other ones I had no clue on were:







any generous souls want to satisfy my itch?

#13 and #26, I didn't know, so I just guessed.

The others should be:

#35  -  Thrice

#37  -  Wicked Witches Way

#40  -  Maginor

Does anyone have #23.  It looked so familiar but I couldn't put my finger on where I'd seen it.

#13 is Clash of the Gladiators (Knizia) 

#26 is Nuclear Escalation

#23 is Shark

The full solution to the Scribbler will be posted on Monday when the new episode releases.

Until then, I'll leave it to you all to fill in some blanks. :)

There are a few of these such as #16 that I actually own but have only seen sold separately and never knew actually belonged to a game. Aand surely that one in the upper left is a domino? The one I'm really curious about is #8- I think I know what they are and if there's actually a game attached to them- well, I bet it's got a "truckload" of other cool components. Whatever works for Dave of course but I still can't fathom the logic of storing your games this way; I actually would forget what went to which title.

(I was working on these in my cube and thought I was on a roll, until reading the first comment here cast a pall. He had run up a total which would tower over what I had managed to spot. My grid of answers was just a crap table by comparison and, somewhat shaken,  I watched my confidence fade and die. I had to come out to the bar and drown my sorrows by asking for cider until I was well and truly in my cups. A hearty and sincere "Pip pip and cheerio!" to whoever wins this one.)

A *big* thank you to everyone for making this Scribbler the best one yet.

Here are the answers. Note: if you would like to see the dice and the answers on one page, I have provided a pdf with the solution filled in on the form.

1. Ticket to Ride Dice Game

2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Board Game

3. Proteus

4. Mystery of the Abbey

5. Domino Dice

6. Tomb

7. Marrakech

8. Spiel Custom Dice

9. Star Trek Collectible Dice Game

10. Heroquest

11. Carolus Magnus

12. Royal Turf / Winner's Circle

13. Clash of the Gladiators

14. Dungeon Dice

15. Battle Cry

16. Mini Double Dice

17. Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit

18. Groo

19. Backgammon

20. Mississippi Queen

21. Cosmic Wimpout

22. Honor of the Samurai

23. Shark

24. Dragon Dice

25. Tibbits

26. Nuclear War / Nuclear Escalation

27. Bongo

28. War of the Ring

29. Ubi

30. Lionheart

31. Battlelore

32. Formula De / Formula D

33. Dicemaster

34. Dark World

35. Thrice

36. Settlers of Catan Dice Game

37. Wicked Witches Way / Du Balai

38. Jumanji

39. Dice Town

40. Maginor

 I pulled together the answers on a geeklist:


Thanks to Stephen and Dave for one of the best contests in podcastdom.

Great list! I didn't know Tibbits was in BGG in any form, so that was a revelation to me. :)

Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

*smacks forehead*

Thanks for the great contest!

Imagine if you had to solve this puzzle without the aid of the internet.  In that case I would have struggled to get 10.  Thanks guys for taking the time to construct this puzzle.  It was great fun... sort of like big game hunting (pun not intended).  I also think it's pretty cool that the puzzle is an actual photo of a collection of dice and not just a collage of photos pasted together from the image collection on the Geek.  That certainly contributed to the difficulty of #26 as it appears that Dave's die has decayed into its daughter element over the years.  On a final note, what the heck is Biff Danger: Rat Adventurer?  I came across that game while combing "The List" in desperation and couldn't find any information on BGG or even Google.

Ok, you get a pass - there is no way anybody would know about this game. This is one of four of my game designs that have made it to a playable form. It is a race game centered around a family of rats that take over the house as soon as the people leave. It has a unique card and dice mechanic that has very cool potential, but still needs some work. Biff Danger is the alter ego that one of the rats assumes as he races through the house in his jury-rigged "Rat Race" car. I know, TMI - but now you know.

NEI! (That's "Not enough information" rather than an attempt to torture the knights of the round table.)

I enjoy listening to you analyze others' games so much that I'd love to see what you do with the medium yourself! Any chance of one of these being one of the "For Spielers, by Spielers" print-and-play offerings or are you saving them for higher things? After all, Himalaya (a darn fine game, by the way) started out as a print and play project and ended up nominated for the Spiel des Jahres!