Episode 55.5 - When It Rains, It Pours

55.5: When It Rains, It Pours

Release Date: June 9, 2008

Running Time: 16 min.

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Timber! A tree falls on our padded cel, so the next full episode will be in two weeks. We discuss our upcoming summer schedule, including the Spiel des Jahres spectacular, Origins, Gen Con, and Listener's Choice shows.

Tree Carnage: link to photo gallery
Schedule: June 23 - Spiel des Jahres, July 1 - Origins, July 15 - Summer Break
Scribbler #1: new feature included in The Spiel feed - print and play puzzles!
August 15, 5-10 PM, Rio Grande Game Room (210), GenCon 2008


Thanks to everyone for all the emails and kind words and thoughts sent our way over the past week. I am still playing catch up with my regular routine and will be for several weeks to come, so it may be a few days before I am able to respond to everyone. I hope to respond to some great posts here, too, very soon.

As I mentioned in the mini-show, we now have power (woo hoo!) and we are in the process of hiring roofers and contractors to repair the damage to the house. We have no less than 15 broken trusses in the roof. Pretty much half the interior structure of the roof is going to be replaced. Yikes! We may also need to have someone look at the brick walls to make sure they did not buckle from the impact. I just hope this week is dry and we can get the rest of the massive tree out of the yard.


The sound was really good for this little update I thought. When you are back in the padded cell with everything tweaked just right, it should be top notch!

Thanks, JMoody.

We spent about 3 hours last night trying to dial-in the new mixer and we're definitely on the right track. (We kept laughing about how we spent 3 hours doing sound checks for a 15 minute show!) There's still a bit of "roomy-ness" since we're in a big basement recording, but overall I think it's still a nice improvement.

As always, we take a learn by doing approach with this stuff, so we hope to fine tunes things as we continue to get more familiar with the new machine.

I heard there was flooding in Indianapolis over the weekend.

I trust that you guys got away relatively lightly in the latest deluge as you managed to get the mini-show out.....

Most of the flooding is south of Indianapolis, in or around the county where I grew up, Bartholomew County. My Dad is on pretty high ground, so he's ok, but many many neighbors and friends in my old stimping grounds had to evacuate their homes in advance of the rising waters.

What a mess!

Was my Game Sommelier challenge so hard that it's going to take close to THREE MONTHS? Clearly, this has all been some sort of complicated stalling tactic. :)

You're called the Nemesis, for a reason, right?

Clearly, you've seen through my clever ploy. I'll stop at nothing, including downing a tree, to give myself more time for my Sommelier challenge!  Let the conspiracy theories begin...

Or maybe I just need time to try out all 7 deadly sins so I can pick the right games.  Instead of method acting, it's method gaming...

Great that you managed to stick to the schedule despite of the 'force majeur' that has hit you the last week.

Thanks for all the effort.

Kristof 'Musti' Tersago

Thanks, Kristof (Musti).

With both Dave and I coming from a theatre background, I think it's second nature for us to say "the show must go on!"

Even so, we had to admit defeat and postpone the listener's choice show for a little while. We'd rather err on the side of making sure the show is worth listening to instead of just doing it to get it done.

Plus, I'm kind of glad it gave me a chance to do the test run on the Scribblers. :)