Spiel-a-thon! Aug. 17 (sponsored by Rio Grande Games)

We are proud to announce the Spiel-a-thon!

sponsored by Rio Grande Games
When: Friday, August 17

Open gaming 10 AM - 7 PM

Spiel-a-thon: 7 PM - midnight

Where: Omni Hotel, Fischer B Room (map)

Come meet us, play Rio Grande Games, and win fabulous prizes! When we heard Rio Grande was not going to have a booth at Gen Con this year, we asked them if they wanted to team up so our listeners and the gaming public could still get a chance to play.

From 10 AM to midnight, you'll have a chance to play the latest and greatest Rio Games from Europe and beyond! We'll arrive at 7 PM with a lineup of contests, prizes to go along with the games! It is sure to be a fun time and I hope we'll see lots of you there!

If you have questions about the event, here's the place to ask away!

We'll try to provide a full prize list as they start rolling in!


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Hey Scott.

Thanks! It was great to meet you, too.

My only regret for the whole con is I wish we had had more time to talk and play games with everyone we met! Hopefully next year we can figure out a way to play more games with listeners. We're already plotting some cool improvements to next year's Spiel-a-thon that should allow us to play and "host" at the same time.

Spiel on!


Hello! It is cool! My name is 68a8a65

Is there an event ticket required for this? I was in the middle of not getting killed by morning Columbus rush hour traffic, so I wasn't paying too close attention to hear if one was necessary.

Awesome move, I hope I can join in.

Also, very sad to hear Rio Grande isn't going to be there. They always have one of my favorite booths at conventions.

No event tickets needed. Just bring yourself and a hankering for some games! Hope to see you there. Maybe we'll get lucky and you'll let us win one.

You'll have all day Friday for Rio Games and I beleive Jay will have his games in the freeform board game area at GenCon during most of the rest of the con. I haven't been privvy to all the details concerning Rio games outside our little Spiel-a-thon, but I think they will be available, though not in the Dealer's Room.

Here's the start of the list of prizes we'll have to give away at the Spiel-a-thon.




Circus Flohcati

King Arthur the card game

Caylus Magna Carta

(donated by The Game Preserve a local Indianapolis Game retailer)



(donated by Fundex Games)

I'm very interested in going, but I've got some other stuff until 10:30 or so. Hopefully we could squeeze a short game in, or at least learn one. Thanks for setting this up.

We have the room until midnight, so there's sure to be games going after 10:30. We'll probably have the big prize drawings starting around 11:30 or so just so we get them all in before we run out of time.

Hope to see you there.


Jay at Rio Grande just informed me that he has arranged for free food at the party! How cool is that? Now you can come hungry for games and a snack, too!

We have also personally donated a few more games to the fabulous Prize Pool!

Ponte del Diavolo


Guatemala Cafe

Free food, great games,good company, and prizes. Sounds like a recipe for a fun night!


We are pondering recording a live version of The Game Sommelier segment with people at the party. For the live version, we'll take challenges with someone at the party and see whose picks are voted the best (a la Iron Chef). Not sure if we'll be able to pull this one off, but we may give it a go.

Thanks to listener David Reed for the suggestion!

I'm bummed that I wasn't able to make it to the Spiel-a-Thon after all. But I do thank you guys for the new dice that rolled the boxcars that helped The Atom put the last lick on Superman in a big battle of Heroclix that night.

Hope it was fun :D

Sorry you weren't able to make it, scooterb. The event was a resounding success!

We are already planning on expanding the Rio open game room and the Spiel-a-thon next year.

Over the course of the evening, we easily had 200-250 people come through the room. We often had way more people than games or tables to play on. At one point we had at least four intrepid groups playing Rio Grande Games on the floor! It was really difficult to know how to plan for attendance since this was our first effort. That being said, attendance was much higher than we expected.

A GIANT thank you to everyone who came and made the Spiel-a-thon such a great time for everyone involved. It was a great feeling to have people come up to us after the party and tell us that the Spiel-a-thon was their favorite part of the con. We had a blast and cant wait for next year.

And, of course, thanks to Jay Tummelson and Rio Grande Games! I am glad we were able to twist Jay's arm to maintain a presence Gen Con. I think we helped to lay the groundwork for an even better open play room in years to come.


hey guys,

Thanks for putting this together. I had a great time at the event and it was a blast meeting you guys and chatting briefly in the dealers hall on Saturday (I was the guy by the Asmodee booth with the braided beard). Keep up the great work!

Now off to download the GenCon show.