Episode 37: Off the Map

37: Off the Map

Release Date: September 3, 2007

Running Time: 101 min.

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ep 37

Cue the Indiana Jones music.We build routes for a very lazy London Passenger in On the Underground and globe trot from Cypress to Taiwan in 10 Days in Asia.

News & Notes: Mike Doyle/Master Print Editions, Chinatown?, Cyberboard
The List:
On the Underground, 10 Days in Asia
Name That Game: win a copy of On the Underground from Time Well Spent
Backshelf Spotlight:
Dungeon Dice, Can't Stop
Truckloads of Goober:
The Inventors
Game Sommelier:
Five games for a trip to Mars and back
Mail Bag:
Walter Hunt Interview, FlatCon, Dune petition, Zun Tzu

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Game News & Notes

Mike Doyle: Deluxe Caylus/Master Print Editions

Super talented artist Mike Doyle is working with Ystari Games on a Limited Deluxe Edition of Caylus. Link | Ystari site


Mike is also doing new box art for QWC's Master Print Edition series which includes titles lie Leonardo DaVinci, Yspahan, El Capitan, Amun Re, and Demetra. Link | QWC site

master print

Chinatown ReIsuue?

According to Gone Cardboard at Boardgamenews.com , Filosofia Games in Canada is planning a re-issue of the Alea big box classic, Chinatown. Link

Cyberboard Link | Fan site

Cyberboard is a free downloadable system for playing board games with friends via email. You can design boards for your favorite game or use one of the many games made by other cyberboard

The List

On the Underground BGG entry

Build lines to connect the London Underground for a very lazy passenger. Listener Walter "Merchant of Venus" Hunt stopped through Indianapolis for a visit and taught us how to play. Thanks, Walter!

10 Days in Asia BGG entry

Arrange your tiles to plan the best 10 day trip before the next traveller.

Backshelf Spotlight

Mystery Connection Contest
Can you find a connection between these two games? We find a mystery connection each episode and challenge you, the listener, to hunt for it! Post your guesses to the Forum . Find the connection and you could win a pair of custom Spiel dice !

Congratulations to David Levin, our winner for episode 34!

Can't Stop Link

Classic push your luck dice game with stop sign game board.

Dungeon Dice Link

Roll dice, build your escape tunnel and get out before the guard spots you.

Truckloads of Goober

The Inventors BGG Entry

The Incredible Patent Picker Move Maker Machine is a dice tower with a plunger, a bell, and a doohickey that adds metal clips to game cards on the back.



Game Sommelier

The Challenge: (couresty of Beehive23 on the Forums!) Find five games to take on a trip to Mars (and back).

Stephen's List

Dave's Vote

Ingenious Thumbs Up
Cribbage Thumbs Up
Balderdash Thumbs Up
Sucking Vaccuum Thumbs Up
Carcasonne Thumbs Up
RPG (players' choice) Thumbs Up

Next Challenge: Dave must find five games to play on a car trip with the driver.

Mail Bag

New donors to The Spiel!

Tyler "The Ill-Tempered Squirrel " Sigman

Dale "The Penguin " Larson

Quinn "The Quiddler " Munnerlyn

During his visit, we sat down and had a nice chat with science fiction author and Spiel listener, Walter Hunt. In addition to his great books, Walter is very involved with the UNity Games event in Massachusetts. Check out Walter's web site , his blog , and his books .

Ron Barnette wanted us to know about FlatCon in Bloomington, IL Oct 5-7 .

Robert Ramirez wanted to rally the Meeps who are fans of the classic board game Dune. Fantasy Flight Games announced they are going to do a new game based on the original mechanics but they do not have the license to use the Dune setting, characters or worlds. There is a petition posted at Board Game Geek asking Brain Herbert son of the late Frank Herbert to consider licensing Fantasy Flight to do the game in the original Dune universe. BGG Forum Petition

Scotty "Knucklebones" Dickey wanted us to know about Zun Tzu , a Windows only application for playing board games in real time with friends around the world.

Scotty has also posted several fun entries on the forums recently, including the petition to see Dave with dice glued to his head and a call for suggestions for naming the Spiel Nation . My vote is for Meeps!


Surya Van Lierde wanted us to know that "for El Capitan Doyle is also doing the interior, not just the box art. You mentioned he only does the boxes."

I'm sure there are some other goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!


Hey guys :)

Was just wondering if it would be too hard to post a split MP3 that would enable us poor folks without a way to play MP3's in their car to burn them to CD's? Right now on the longer episodes I can't burn them because they won't fit. I enjoy listening to the podcast on my daily commute (45 miles) and the long episodes I can't do it :)

Just a suggestion, just a two part Mp3 would be sufficient.



Hey Brandon.

Sorry I spaced responding to your question earlier!

Since the MP3 files for the show (40-50 MB)are well under the size limits of a blank CD (700MB), it seems like the issue is having an applicatoin to convert MP3s to CD format is the real issue and not needing two smaller files. A quick search of tucows.com yielded this one:


It's shareware, so you can try before you buy to see if it works for you.

Looks like this might solve your problem if I am understanding your problem correctly. Feel free to respond here or via email if I have totally missed the mark.

Stephen - When an MP3 is converted into a WAV file it is much, much larger. A CD will only hold 80 minutes (originally just 74) in the uncompressed format.

Brandon - I split the files myself using MP3 Track Maker 1.5. The 'trial' version is free (and not time limited) but only splits an MP3 into three files. The paid version (which I have) allows the MP3 to be split into many, many files.

It is available on download.com and other common sources or from the publisher at http://www.heathcosoft.com/software/mp3trackmaker/

How about you call us all Spielers instead? :)

Petaluma, CA

interesting to hear about Zun Tzu and the Cyberboard thing - but no mention of the grand-daddy of them all, Vassal.

A downloadable engine that allows you to play real time with your buddies or email the board to them on a pbem turn basis.

It used to be all wargames but they've got loads of games on there now. I tend to play Battle Lore there although I've been meaning to give Tigris and Euphrates a spin.

We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games

We did actually cover Vassal on News & Notes in Episode 22: You Bet Your Asp. But you're right, we probably should have mentioned Vassal as the most popular and widely used app.

I did also forget to add Vassal to the list of game resource links, so I'll fix that right away!

ah, you see, episode 22 was before my time.
I am still a noob in Spieltown.

I know I should catch up on the past history but there are not enough hours in the day. After all, I need to get some gaming in too...

We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games

VASSAL is really the best out there IMO. It is easy to use and easy to create modules for :)


If we're Spiel-lunkers, do we have to wear helmets with lanterns when we play?

I like Spielers a lot and I have used it in forum messages and emails.

The one thing I like about Meeps is I like the idea of the nickname being not so straightforward. You have to actually listen to the show to get the joke and know you're a Meep. :)

Perhaps we should let you all decide. Power to the Meeple!

Am I the only one who has a lucky helmet and lantern then ??

I always wear mine to game conventions

We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games

Sorry Stephen - gotta give you a big thumbs down on Carcassonne. You forgot about the meeples, builders, pigs, count, tower pieces, etc. How the heck you gonna keep those from floating off the tiles?


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