Episode 216: Size Matters

Release Date: Sept. , 2015

Running Time:   132 min.

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Small companies, big fun. There has been a lot of consolidation in the game industry of late. International corporations like Asmodee and F2Z have bought up several well known established game publishers, making large companies even larger.

Despite this trend, there are more small game publishers bringing titles to market than ever before. And while not every game is the next Settlers of Catan, there are a lot of hidden gems from small companies that come and go without getting their due. This episode gives some love to small press companies and small press games. Big or small, we hope you'll agree the only measurement that really matters is fun.

We review two titles: Lift Off and Letter Tycoon.

In Lift Off, you spend fuel and screws to get all your aliens off a planet that is set to explode. You might use a jet pack or a rocket but a slingshot or a trampoline might work in a pinch. You must also time your launch with the phase of the moon and avoid the dreaded Garglore in order to escape.

Letter Tycoon is a word game with an economic twist. You build words with letter cards and then earn money instead of points. With this money, you can buy patents on particular letters, meaning when other players use that letter for the rest of the game, you get to cash in as well. 

News & Notes: Spiel-a-thon, Essen, L5R from AEG to FFG
The List: Lift Off, Letter Tycoon
Back Shelf Spotlight: Bullfrogs, Darkest Night
Game Sommelier: 5 games from obscure small publishers in Dave's collection

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News & Notes

Want to Write Spiel-a-thon Trivia Questions   Email us!

AEG sells L5R to Fantasy Flight Games    AEG  

Crowdfunding Round-Up

Factory Funner    Kickstarter

Eclectic Games: Game Room Upgrade  Kickstarter

The List

Lift Off: Get Me Off This Planet    Pencil First  |  BGG

Letter Tycoon     Squirmy Beast  |  Breaking Games  |  BGG

Back Shelf Spotlight

Bullfrogs     Thunderworks Games  |  BGG

Darkest Night     Victory Point Games |  BGG

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: 5 fun games from obscure small publishers in Dave's collection

Dave's Selections

Shark Attack   Sphinx Spieleverlag |  BGG

Passing Shot  Impact! Miniatures |  BGG

F3: For Fame & Fortune   Black Dove Games  |  BGG

Uruk II   DDD Verlag  |  BGG

Mysticards: Deck of Dragons   BGG  | Buy: Paizo 


Music credits include:

King Size Papa   by Julia Lee  |  the song

Man Size Job  by Denise LaSalle  |  the song

In A Town This Size  by Topp Twins  |  the album   |  the song


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