Hey Spiel dudes, remember this?

Remember that cool little puzzle game Carlos introduced you / us to in the Origins Board Room "Vitrail"? Well, it's coming out soon from Gamewright. Under a different title, and not quite as appealing packaging.


Figured you might like to know, since I know you enjoyed the game back then. Also, even though the design isn't the same...I know the name is going to bring back a lot of memories... http://www.fundexgames.com/productDetails.php?productId=5109&categoryId=14


Hey scooter, you scooped me! On The Dot was going to be part of my next News & Notes. :) I'll be finding a copy as soon as I can, just so I can practice up for the next time we play. That game is very addictive!

Dave will be psyched about Jarts, too. And Fundex is based right here in Indy. Glad to see a Hoosier company bringing back the classics.




Didn't mean to scoop ya, you see what I do now when I'm not doing what I'm supposed to at work! I saw On the Dot listed as coming soon, and just kind of had to geek out :)

I love the fact that we get so many great contributions from listeners. It's like having a crack research team or a global network of reporters we can mobilize for the gaming cause. How cool is that? Scoop or no scoop, it's all about the info and passing it along.