GenCon 2015 - Greater Than Games & Dice Hate Me

Release Date: Aug. 10, 2015

Running Time:  49 min.

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Christopher Badell and Chris Kirkman join us for a tag-team interview about the recent merger of their two companies and how it has helped them pool their business and creative resources. The result is three distinct publishing imprints all under the same roof.

Sentinel Comics publishes board, card, roleplaying games and actual comics based on Sentinels of the Multiverse.

Dice Hate Me Games are hybrids - one part Euro, one part American in style but guided by a retro-Americana aesthetic

Fabled Nexus Games will focus on games in the fantasy and science fiction genre.

We talk about new and upcoming releases within each imprint including a new rpg for Sentinels, Spirit Island, Deck Building: The Deck Building Game and New Bedford a game of historic whaling and town building in the 19th century.

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Sentinels RPG       Link

Spirit Island       Link

Deck Building: The Deck Building       Link

New Bedford       Link