Episode 205: Programs! Get Your Programs!

Release Date: Jan. 19, 2015

Running Time:   min.

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Code monkeys. We explore 3 games in the programmed movement genre. Robot Turtles teaches programming skills to toddlers. Colt Express pits a posse of bandits against each other on a cardboard train. And Empire Engine is a steampunk micro-game that uses cards as gears in a machine.  

News & Notes: Asmodee release schedule, Ravenburger/Brio merge, Battleshops, new Sentinels games, Lanterns, Suburbia 5 Star, Giocomics, Pictomania, Spiel 2015 Schedule
Crowdfunding Round-Up: Conan, Scopa Oscura, Orleans, Kiqsuyapi
The List: Robot Turtles, Colt Express, Empire Engine
Truckloads of Goober: Roborama
Back Shelf Spotlight: Swashbuckler

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Asmodee Release Schedule January - April   Link

Jan 28 - Werewolves: The Pact, Deus, Mythotopia, Onward to Venus, Act Too

February - Witness

April - Formula D: Austin/Nevada Ride

Battleshops  Link

A gendered edition of Battleship, because, you know, all girls like to shop. Facepalm.

3 New Sentinels Titles from Greater Than Games   Link

Villains of the Multiverse is a collection of 10 new bad guys played team-style as in the previous expansion Vengeance.

Sentinel Tactics: Broken City is a new standalone game using the scenario driven tactical squad base rules introduced in Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom

Sentinel Tactics: For Profit is an expansion useable with either set of Sentinel Tactics. 

Ravensberger and Brio Merge   Link

German game publisher buys Swedish toy train maker, both family owned and in business for 130+ years.

Lanterns: Harvest Festival   Link

Suburbia: 5 Star    Link 

Spiel 2015 Schedule  Link 

Release dates for 15 episodes this year, plus 56 convention interviews.

Giocomics now in English    Link

Pictomania Pre-Orders from Stronghold Games  Link 

Crowdfunding Round-Up

Conan   Kickstarter

Scopa Oscura  Kickstarter

Orleans   Kickstarter

Kiqsuyapi   Spieleschmiede

The List

Robot Turtles   Official Site  |  BGG

Colt Express   Ludonaute  |  BGG

Empire Engine   AEG  |  BGG

Truckloads of Goober

RoboRama   Play This One  |  BGG

Back Shelf Spotlight

Swashbuckler    BGG


Music credits include:

Who Put The Turtle in Myrtle's Girdle?  by Western Melody Makers  |  the song

Colt .45   by Doll Sisters  |  the song

Shift Gears  by Tibby Edwards  |  the song

Flip Flop and Fly  by Tibby Edwards  |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere

Let us know if (when?) you find one:

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