Episode 203: Beyond Scrabble

Release Date: Dec. 8, 2014

Running Time:   min.

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Wordly wiser. We explore two word games with a modern twist. Paperback  is a deckbuilding game where players build words to complete pulp novels. Typo 2D is a tile laying game where players build word fragments in a grid.

News & Notes: BGG Con, Asmodee/FFG merger, Murano, League of Gamemakers
Crowdfunding Round-Up: Biblios Dice, Helvetia Cup, New Bedford
The List: Paperback
Truckloads of Goober: Tug of Words
Back Shelf Spotlight: Typo, Typo 2D
Game Sommelier: 5 word games where the playing field is level for all involved, even English majors.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Spiel-a-thon 2014   Link

Mysterium   Link

Rattlebones   Link

Gaia   Link

Beasty Bar   Link

Asmodee - FFG Merger    Link 

Murano  Link 

League of Gamemakers    Link

Crowdfunding Round-Up

Biblios Dice   Kickstarter

Helvetia Cup  Kickstarter

New Bedford   Kickstarter

The List

Paperback   Official Site  |  BGG

Back Shelf Spotlight

Typo    BGG

Typo 2D   Official Site  |  BGG

Truckloads of Goober

Tug of Words    BGG

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge:  5 word games you can play with an English major where the English major wont have a built-in advantage. Most classic word games like Scrabble and their ilk favor the player with a big vocabulary or command of language. This can make word games less fun to play. Your challenge is to look for five non-traditional word games - games that come at the idea of using language or word building from a different angle than the classics. Word games where the playing field is level for all involved.

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Music credits include:

A Man of Many Words  by  Buddy Guy & Junior Wells  |  the song

Eat My Words  by Marti Brom  |  the song

Last Kind Words  by The Kronos Quartet  |  the song


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