Essen 2014: Wrap-Up

Release Date: Oct. 31 2014

Running Time:   min.

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We conclude our Essen coverage with our impressions of the 2014 game fair and give a general accounting of our grand European adventure.

Games on Our List

Waggle Dance   BGG

Typo    BGG

See Know Buzz    BGG

Rolling Japan    BGG

New Orleans Big Band   BGG

Games We Discovered

Castle Crush   BGG

Mash Up Monsters   BGG

Speakeasy   BGG

Games That Got Away

Blocky Mountain   BGG

Oklahoma Boomers   BGG

Dice Brewing   BGG

Ciub  BGG

Travel Links

The Unperfekthaus  Link

Daytrips from Essen

Cologone Cathedral  Link

Xanten  Link

Altena  Link