Episode 190: Follow The Drinkin' Gourd

Release Date: Mar. 17, 2014

Running Time:  130  min.

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Left foot, peg foot, traveling on. We review Freedom: The Underground Railroad, a co-operative game where players take on the roles of brave Abolitionists tasked with the goal of ending slavery in the United States. You'll guide escaped slaves to safety in Canada and gather enough political and financial support for the Abolitionist movement to take hold as an influential force in American society.

News & Notes:  Desperados of Dicetown, Age of War, Purple Pawn - Toy Fair
Crowdfunding Round-Up: St. Petersburg, Tuscany, Biblios, Monster Chef, Mutant Chronicles, The Borderlands, Eternity Wars, Kingdom Bots
The List: Freedom: The Underground Railroad
Back Shelf Spotlight:  Enemy in Sight
Game Sommelier: 5 games that explore new aspects of history

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Desperados of Dicetown Link  |  Matagot  |  Bruno Cathala

Age of War   BGG  |  Fantasy Flight Games

Biblios   BGG  |  Dr. Finn's Games

Purple Pawn's Toy Fair Coverage  Link

Crowdfunding Round-Up

St. Petersburg Reprint  Link

Tuscany  Kickstarter


Monster Chef  Indiegogo

Mutant Chronicles RPG   Kickstarter  |  Modiphius

The Borderlands   Kickstarter

Eternity Wars   Kickstarter

Kingdom Bots Kickstarter

The List

Freedom: The Underground Railroad  BGG | Academy Games

Back Shelf Spotlight

Enemy In Sight  BGG 

The Game Sommelier

On the Hot Seat: Dave

The Challenge: find 5 games that explore some aspect of history we haven't seen explored in board games (No Renaissance, Egypt, Pirates, Vikings, and NO war games!)

Dave's Selections:

OK Dave totally cheated but I like his response anyway. He morphed the challenge into:

Find 5 historical subjects that would make great board games. Listen in to hear his list!


Music credits include:

Follow the Drinking Gourd   by Eric Bibb  |  the song

Follow the Drinking Gourd  by The Weavers  |  the song

West End Blues  by Carolina Chocolate Drops  |  the song

Po' Black Sheep  by Carolina Chocolate Drops  |  the song

Briggs' Cornshucking Jig  by Carolina Chocolate Drops  |  the song

Boodle-De-Bum-Bum  by Carolina Chocolate Drops  |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere.

Let us know if (when?) you find on

I mistakenly call Fantasy Flight Game's new version of Reiner Knizia's Risk Express Art of War. The game title is actually Age of War.

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