Episode 183: Calamity Game

Release Date: Sept. 30, 2013

Running Time:   105 min.

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Under pressure. We review Forbidden Desert and Myrmes, two games that ask players: how well can you manage a crisis? In Forbidden Desert the challenge is to reassemble an ancient flying machine before a sandstorm buries your team. In Myrmes, you are the queen of an ant colony trying to survive the winter.

News & Notes: Quantum, Burning Suns, Chainsaw Warrior, Spiel-a-thon help 
The List: Forbidden Desert, Myrmes
Back Shelf Spotlight:  In The Year of the Dragon
Game Sommelier: 5 games where time pressure makes the game

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Spiel-a-thon Help!  Email Dave

We are gearing up for the 2103 Spiel-a-thon and we'd love to have help from listeners writing questions for our team trivia game show. If you're interested in helping write 16-24 questions, use the link about to send Dave a note.

Burning Suns  Kickstarter  |  BGG

Quantum  Fun Forge  |  BGG

Chainsaw Warrior App Link  |  BGG Review

The List

Forbidden Desert  Gamewright | BGG

Myrmes  Ystari | BGG

Back Shelf Spotlight

In The Year of the Dragon   BGG

The Game Sommelier

The challenge: 5 games where time pressure really makes the game.

Stephen's Selections

Mutant Meeples

Looping Louie




Rock the Beat

Chopstick Dexterity Mega-Challenge 3000

Pass the Bomb

Miss Poutine

Dr. Shark

Color Stix


Music credits include:

Under Pressure  by Rajaton  |  the song

Under Pressure  by Rhythms del Mundo  |  the song

The Deadwood Stage (from Calamity Jane)  |  the song

Theme from The Pink Panther  by Henry Mancini  |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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