Episode 173: Sim Chitty

Release Date: Apr. 1, 2013

Running Time:  155 min.

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Urban cardboard jungles. We review three games, each with their own take on urban planning: from the futuristic treehouses of Ginkgopolis to the crowded streets of Suburbia to the far flung shores of France and the walls of Saint Malo.

News & Notes: DVDs, Gaming Hoopla, Squadra Games, Survive Expansions  
The List: Ginkgopolis, Suburbia, Saint Malo
Favorites:  Nefertiti (Doug Faust)
The Game Sommelier:  5 games paired with scenes/songs from musicals
Mail Bag: Card games in Milwaukee Art Museum, Scopa, Family Vacation

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Made For Play DVDs now available!  Link

DVD copies of the film are available now! The film is $20 plus shipping.

The film is subtitled in English, French, Swedish, Spanish and Polish. We are very proud of the effort and quality of the documentary and we are very excited to offer it to audiences around the world.

DVDs are shipped to US and international addresses via USPS Priority Mail.  

Gaming Hoopla - Janesville, WI - April 19-21  Link

Solo Baloncesto  BGG | Squadra Games

Segundos..Fuera!  BGG | Squadra Games

Survive Expansions  BGG | Stronghold Games

Todd Breitenstein  Twilight Creations | Zombies!!

The List

Ginkgopolis  BGG | Pearl Games

Suburbia  BGG | Bezier Games

Saint Malo  BGG | Ravensburger


Doug Faust - Nefertiti  BGG | Rio Grande 

The Game Sommelier

On the hot seat: Dave Challenge from: Brian Worrel

The Challenge: 5 games paired with scenes/songs from musicals

Dave's Selections

Peter Pan - Corsari (aka I Go)

Sweeny Todd - Mr. Jack

The Producers - Show Manager

My Fair Lady - Royal Turf (aka Winner's Circle)

Anything Goes - Gang of Four

Mail Bag

Thanks to Larry Kruger for sharing his experience at the Milwaukee Art Museum's card party!

Check out Family Vacation from Jolly Roger Games on Kickstarter.  Link


Music credits include:

Moulin Rouge  by Ruth Welcome  |  the song

Princess Andy  by Petrojvic Blasting Company  | the song

Scherzo  by The Mighty Accordian Band  |  the album

Caravan  by The Mighty Accordian Band  |  the album

The Clap  by Bostich & Fussible |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one! 


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