Episode 171: If Charlemagne Was A Badger

Release Date: Mar. 4, 2013

Running Time:  143 min.

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A world built with 36 cards. We delve into the Decktet, an ingenious set of double suited cards, a Tarot deck from a parallel dimension, and a sandbox for innovative game design. The Decktet has inspired dozens of new games. From trick taking to resource management, we review four of them.

News & Notes:  Dapper Devil, Urbania, Phobos, KS roundup, The Ships, Tabletop Day
Game Reviews: Decktet (Nonesuch, Quincunx, Thricewise, Magnate)
Back Shelf Spotlight: Mu & More
Favorites:  Vinhos
The Game Sommelier:  5 quick games that teach creative thinking
Mail Bag: Smarter Game Timer, Tenzi, modern day Tokaido

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Dapper Devil   Link

MAGE Company  Link

Urbania   Link

Phobos   Link

Geek Dice   Kickstarter

Story War   Kickstarter

Zombie House Blitz   Kickstarter

The Ships: Armada Invicible   Zvezda

Tank Combat   BGG

International Tabletop Day - March 30!   Link

The List

Decktet  Official Site | Wiki  | The Cards | The Book

Nonesuch  BGG | Wiki

Quincunx  BGG | Wiki

Thricewise  BGG | Wiki

Magnate  BGG | Wiki

Back Shelf Spotlight

Mu & More  BGG |iOS App


Doug Richardson - Vinhos  Z-ManBGG 

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: 5 games you can teach in 1 minute, play in 10 minutes and that teach creative thinking.

Stephen's Selections

Imagination (aka Reflection)




Ticked Off

Time's Up


Mail Bag

Smarter Game Timer  App Store | Web Site | Twitter

Tenzi (courtesy of Mark "The Bezzerwizard" Taylor)  Link

Modern Day Tokaido (courtesy of Capn YB)  Link


Music credits include:

Shuffle the Deck  by Nat Simpkins   |  the song

Kid Charlemagne  by Don Braden  | the song

The Badger Song  by The Dead Milkmen  | the song

House of Cards  by Butch Walker & the Black Widows  | the song

The Deck  by  Trick Deck  |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one! 

There are actually FOUR Pawns and FOUR Courts in the extended Decktet, NOT three as stated in the show.

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