Episode 168: O Brave New World

Release Date: Jan. 21, 2012

Running Time:  162 min.

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Welcome to Tempest. This fictional city-state is the setting for a new series of games from publisher AEG. Play for power at royal court. Duel with merchants in back alleys. Orchestrate a grand conspiracy. Deliver a secret note to the Princess. Each game tells a story and gives players a new way to explore the world. We review the first four Tempest games: Courtier, Mercante, Dominare, and Love Letter.

News & Notes:  Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, Just In Time, Monopoly pawns
Tempest Games:  Courtier, Mercante, Dominare, Love Letter

Game Sommelier:  5 games to play with a non-gamer recovering from illness.
Mail Bag: Spiel Scopa cards, DVDs, business manager 

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News & Notes

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls   Kickstarter 

A new updated and enhanced edition of the role playing classic!

Just In Time   BGG  | Ravensburger

Ubongo meets FITS and BITS = FUN!

New Monopoly Pawn   Link

Vote to save one pawn and vote a new pawn in.

The World of Tempest

Tempest Designer Resource  Link

Anyone can delve into the world of Tempest and submit games to AEG. The link above is a simple application for access to a wealth of knowledge and details about the world and AEG's vision for the series

Tempest Games

Courtier  BGG | AEG

Maneuver your way through royal court to gain the favor of the Queen. The more petitions she grants, the more you will score.. before she is arrested!

Mercante  BGG | AEG

Life on the docks is a brutal business for the merchants of Tempest. Bid on trade goods and use your workers to deliver contracts, always keeping a watchful eye out for skullduggery!

Dominare  BGG | AEG

Tempest has fallen into chaos. It's up to you and your small band of conspirators to seize control during the upheaval.

Love Letter  BGG | AEG

The Princess has many suitors after the Queen's arrest. Your goal is to make sure the notes proclaiming your true love find their way to her.

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: 5 games to play with a non-gamer who is recovering from illness.

Stephen's Selections



Square Shooters

Tumblin' Dice

Can't Stop

Lost Cities


Take It Easy

Mail Bag

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Music credits include:

Suite of Dances in Medieval Fairs    by Group of Antique Instruments Diabolus | song

Italian Renaissance Song  Anonymous (16th century)  |  YouTube

Galliard  by Peter Fletcher  |  song

Renaissance Rackett Collection Pt 12  by Tilman Susato  | YouTube

Gaudete  by Joculatores Upsalienses  |  song

Renaissance Rackett Collection Pt 5  by Michael Praetorius  | YouTube

Spanish Medieval Song  by Francisco de las Torre  | YouTube

Umlahi  by Medieavel Baebes  |  song

Renaissance Rackett Collection Pt 1 by Tilman Susato | YouTube


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