Episode 158: Iftah Ya Simsim!

Release Date: Aug. 6, 2012

Running Time:  112 min.

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3 magic words. We review Sidibaba, a game that pits a team of players against the Leader of the Thieves in a timed race to find treasure and escape. We also look at an innovative dice driven train game, Rolling Freight. 

News & Notes:  The Spiel - Season 7 on Kickstarter, Flying Frog, Fallen City of Karez
The List:  Sidibaba
Back Shelf Spotlight: Open Sesame
Playbill: Rolling Freight

Game Sommelier:  5 games that should be films
Mail Bag: Spiel dice earrings, tweaking

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

The Spiel Season 7 on Kickstarter!   Link

Our fundraising campaign has started and we need your help to make our goal!


Timber Peak   BGG  |  Flying Frog - Last Night on Earth


The Coast  BGG  |  Flying Frog - A Touch of Evil


Fallen City of Karez    Kickstarter


The List

Sidibaba  BGG |  Asmodee


Rolling Freight  BGG | APE Games


Back Shelf Spotlight

Open Sesame! (aka Ali Baba)  BGG 

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: 5 games that should be films

Stephen's Selections


Ghost Stories



Tammany Hall

Drum Roll

Mail Bag

Thanks to Tegan Kelly for sending us pics of her Spiel dice earrings. They were part of her board gamer Olympic athlete costume for a recent party. Awesome!



Music credits include:

Sultan's Delight   by The Sheiks   |  the album

Shish-Kebab  by Ralph Merterie  | the album

Rock el Casbah  by Rachid Taha  | the song

Ali Baba's Camel  by Rhythmic Troubadors  | the song

Ali Baba's Boogie  by Preston Love & Orchestra  |  the album


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

Dave says there are 10 numbered passageway tiles in Sidibaba. In fact, there are only 7 numbered ones.

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