Episode 150: Deck of Many Things

Release Date: Apr. 16, 2012

Running Time:  132 min.

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Think inside the box. That's exactly what Adlung Spiele does. They publish games that redefine our notions of what card games can be. We celebrate the 6th anniversary of The Spiel with reviews of 8 titles: choosing roles as pirate and traitor, loading camels for market, flipping flying carpets, slapping bugs, posing like animals, and building theme parks on the table. So many kinds of fun... all from a simple deck of cards.

News & Notes:  Elder Sign & Nightfall iOS apps, Tammany Hall returns
Adlung Spiele Game Reviews:  Tuareg, Verrater, Flying Carpet, Meuterer, Magic Sword & Dragon Egg, Lady Bugs & Such, Adlungland, Cock-a-Doodle-Do!
Mail Bag: New England correction, Origins dinner, 

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Elder Sign iOS App gets an upgrade    FFG

A free update, plus an in-app purchase for a 2 stage campaign involving... Cthulhu!

Nightfall iOS App now available  AEG

AEG's fast-paced, color chaining game of modern horror comes to iPad/Pod/Phones.

Tammany Hall Reprinting Soon!  Pandasarus Games

APandasarus Games is reprinting Tammany Hall via Kickstarter. To learn more about the game, listen to Episode 114: Wards & All.

Adlung Spiele Game

Games mentioned in the intro:

CheroliTakt Voll, Blink, Lowendynastie, Schlauer Bauer, Take Off, Express, Maskenball Venezia, Bambuti, Dschungel, Gossip Kitchen, Titus, Ebb and Flow, Enchanted Forest, Canal Grande, Palace Whispers

Tuareg  BGG |  Adlung Spiele

Load your camels for market, hoping to collect points for the best sets of goods, but beware of thieves!

Verrater  BGG | Adlung Spiele

A role-selection battle game that inspired Bruno Faidutti's Citadels.

Flying Carpet  BGG  |  Adlung Spiele

A dexterity game. Build a desert landscape with bazaars, advantures and palaces, then throw your carpets to collect scoring cards for points

Meuterer   BGG | Adlung Spiele

A role selection battle game with an economic edge. The Captain and Mutineer fight for control of the ship and the ports of call at which it will dock. Gain points for being on the right side or by collecting and selling goods.

Magic Sword & Dragon Egg  BGG  |  Adlung Spiele

An adventure game. Fight monsters, gather artifacts and harness your magic to outbid or trade your opponents.

Ladybugs & Such  BGG | Adlung Spiele

A logic based speed game. Flip over a bug card and be the first to slap it IF it matches the rules card in front of you. The twist: Each time you succeed, the rules change for you!

Adlungland  BGG  |  Adlung Spiele

A tile laying game. Construct an amusement park by adding attractions to the table. But be prepared to pay the price if the risks you add to the park are too high.

Cock-a-Doodle-Do!  BGG | Adlung Spiele

A animal matching party game. Give clues base on a challenge card in hopes of finding the one player whose animal matches your own.

Mail Bag

Samuel "The Civilizer" Williams is organizing a podcaster dinner at Origins this year. For more details, check out his forum post.


Music credits include

Marked Deck  by The Fabulous Thunderbirds  | the song

House of Cards  by Radiohead  | the song

Stacked Deck  by Etta James  |  the song

Calling Card  by Rory Gallagher  | the song

House of Cards  by Trevor Hall  | the song

Turn of a Friendly Card  by The Alan Parsons Project  | the song

The Deck  by Trick Deck  | the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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150 great episodes!  Wow what an accomplishment , nice job Dave and Stephen.


Still going strong, we hope after another 150!

Thanks for the kind words and for still listening after all this time. :)