Episode 147: The Yellow Cake Is A Lie

Release Date: Mar. 5, 2012

Running Time:  166 min.

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Gone fission. We review The Manhattan Project, a game where players race to build an atomic bomb, plus we look back at an influential classic: Advanced Civilization.

News & Notes:  Lords of Waterdeep, 2011 industry sales
The List:   The Manhattan Project
Back Shelf Spotlight: Advanced Civilization
Playbill: Santiago de Cuba

Game Sommelier:  Games to play over Skype
Mail Bag: Sharks, Spiel song entry, Gregor the intern

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Lords of Waterdeep BGG  | Wizards of the Coast

Hybrid adventure/euro game set in the Forgotten Realms.

ICv2's Game Industry Sales 2011  Link

Purple Pawn's Game Industry Survey  Link

The List

The Manhattan Project  BGG  |  Minion Games 


Train workers, refine Uranium and amass the funding needed to push your nation to the front of this nuclear arms race!


Santiago de Cuba  BGG  |  Gryphon Games | Eggertspiele

Drive through the streets of Santiago to find the right combinations of people and buildings so you can ship goods with each boat that leaves the port. A rondel/worker placement game.

Back Shelf Spotlight

Advanced Civilization  BGG 

Write the beginnings of human history all in the course of a day! In addition to being great fun, Civilization and its later expansion are very influential to the evolution of modern board game design.

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: Five games that can be played over Skype. (challenge courtesy of Erik Ingram).

Stephen's Selections






Tales of the Arabian Nights

Mail Bag

Thanks to Daniel Jensen for the emergency shark delivery.

1st grader Gregor "The Ancient One" Duffy wants to be The Spiel's first new employee. We'll keep a seat and microphone warm for you!

Thanks to Josh Laison for the final entry in the Spiel lyrics contest!

I have created a forum post with all the songs listed so Spielers can listen and vote on their favorite.


Music credits include:

Atom & Evil  by Golden Gate Quartet  | the song

A is for Atom (educational film) | the film

Fallout Shelter  by Dore Alpert  | the song

50 Megatons  by Sonny Russel  | the song

Atomic Baby  by Amos Milburn  | the song

Jesus Hits Like an Atomic Bomb  by Lowell Blanchard | the song

Atom Bomb  by Glenn Barber  | the song

When They Drop the Atomic Bomb  Jackie Doll  | the song

Atomic Cocktail  by Slim Galliard Quartet  |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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