Episode 146: Bear Spray & The Big Apple

Release Date: Feb. 20, 2012

Running Time:  150 min.

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So nice, they named it twice. Dave reports back from Toy Fair 2012 with 10 interviews, plus a review of a new family card game, Let's Take A Hike.

News & Notes:  Wilderness, Geekway to the West
The List:   Let's Take a Hike
Toy Fair Interviews: R & R Games, Northstar Games, Stronghold Games, Asmodee, Justin Oh, Susan McKinley Ross, Chris Ross, Stratus Games, JADS International, The Game Preserve
Game Sommelier:  Games for home decor themed rooms.

Mail Bag:  Foundation bundle suggestions, chocolate dice

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Wilderness - New Edition Available Indie Gogo  | Fryx Games

Check out the Indie Gogo project for a new, mass market edition of this survival themed game from Swedish publisher Fryx Games. The original versions were handmade and quite expensive. This project brings the price down and should allow more people a chance to enjoy this fun game.

We interviewed Enoch from Fryx Games at Essen 2011. Link

Geekway to the West - May 17-20, 2012  Link

If you live in the Midwest and are looking for a great weekend full of fun and games, consider attending Geekway to the West. The offer a great game library, Play & Win promotions, and a great group of people to enjoy for 3 full days. 

Toy Fair 2012 Interviews

The Game Preserve Link

R&R Games Link

Northstar Games Link

Stronghold Games Link

Asmodee Link

Justin Oh Link

Susan McKinley Ross Link

Chris Ross BGG

Stratus Games Link | Stratus Games

JADS International Link

The List

Let's Take A Hike  BGG  |  Stratamax Games | Treefrog

A refin

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: Select five games to use for game-themed home decor/remodeling projects. (challenge courtesy of Greggory Delmann).

Dave's Selections

Ga"RA"ge - Ra

Kitchen - Pandemic

Mud Room - Bootleggers

Taj Ma"Hallway" - Taj Mahal

Music Room - Acquire

Mail Bag

Thanks to Ryan at Boardgame Guy for showing us the new Polyhedral dice chocolates/candies! Link

Thanks to Matt Evans for suggesting King of Tokyo as a Spiel Foundation bundle game.


Music credits include:

New York, New York  by Ray Quinn | the song

An Englishman in New York by Bruskers  | the song

Boy from New York City  by The Ad-Libs | the song

Bear & Bee  by Roadside Revival  | the song

Medvedi Nevedi (Bears Don't Know) by Ivan Mladek | the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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I received word from Max Michael that as of Friday, the container ship with cases of Let's Take A Hike has finally arrived in the States. Huzzah!

This means the game should be available at Boards & Bits very soon.