Episode 141: 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Release Date: Nov. 28, 2011

Running Time: 190 min.

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Games for the naughty and the nice. With over 40 game suggestions in 10 categories, you're sure to find a great game for someone this holiday season.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

The organizing principle for this year's Game Buyer's Gift Guide is a simple one: quality and availability. All the games on the list have been published within the last 12 months or so and should be available from multiple brick and mortar and online retailers. In some cases, the games are only available in Europe, but not to worry, these games can be ordered from the German version of Amazon and can easily arrive in time for the holidays.

We have broken the list into 10 different categories: Party, Card, Dexterity, Kids & Family, Genre, Oddball, Dice, Co-Op, Euro, Small Press

While the list is certainly not comprehensive, we're betting a lot of people on your list might enjoy games from one of these categories. If you decide to order a game from our list, feel free to let the shop or retailer know you heard about it on The Spiel.

We hope everyone has a great holiday season filled with fun and games! 

Party Games

Ticked Off  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  

Pictomania  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon | Amazon.de

Crappy BIrthday  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Rumble in the House  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  

Honorable Mention:

Who Would Win?  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon 

Card Games

23   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon.de 


Tschak!  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Stich-Meister BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  

On the Cards  BGG |  Buy It:  Surprised Stare

Honorable Mention:

A Few Acres of Snow  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Core Worlds  BGG |  Buy It:  Stronghold Games - Preorder 

Mundus Novus  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit



Dexterity Games

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Mogel Motte  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon.de 

Fliegende Teppiche  BGG 


Ascending Empires  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit


Honorable Mention:

Geistesblitz   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon.de  

Kids & Family Games

Kalimambo   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon.de 

Bears!  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Flip Out   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  

K2   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Honorable Mention:

Monster Falle   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon.de

Magician's Kitchen   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon 

Genre Games

Mansions of Madness BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Battleship Galaxies   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Blood Bowl Team Manager   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Fortune & Glory   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit


Honorable Mention: 

Legend of Drizzt  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Ankh Morpork  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit


Oddball Games

Dr. Shark   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Dungeon Fighter  BGG |  Buy It:  

Mondo  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Tante Trudel's Trodel  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon.de  

Honorable Mention:

Caveman Curling  BGG |  Buy It:  Kickstarter

Poseidon's Kingdom  BGG |  Buy It:  Fragor Games


Dice Games

Alien Frontiers BGG  |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

King of Tokyo  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit


Quarriors  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit


Bears    BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Honorable Mention:

Square Shooters  BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon 



Co-Op Games

Yggdrasil   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Flash Point: Fire Rescure   BGG |  Buy It:  Starlit

Sidibaba  BGG 


Panic Station   BGG |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Honorable Mention:

Hanabi  BGG |  Buy It:   Levalet


Euro Games

Strasbourg   BGG  |  Buy It:   Starlit 

Walnut Grove BGG  | Buy It:  Amazon.de  

Kingdom Builder   BGG  |  Buy It:  Amazon | Starlit 

Trajan   BGG   |  Buy It: AllGames4you (Germany)


Honorable Mention:

Ninjato  BGG   |  Buy It:  Amazon | Starlit 


Small Press Games

Omen: A Reign of War  BGG  |  Kickstarter for 2nd Edition!


Potion Making Practice BGG  |  Right Games  | Buy It:  Ebay  


Engage  BGG  |  Table Tactics  |  Buy It:  Boards & Bits 


Eruption  BGG  |  Stratus Games  |  Buy It:  Amazon  |  Starlit

Picks for Dave

Aquileia  BGG

Santiago de Cuba  BGG

Mil-1049   BGG

Fistful of Penguins  BGG

Casa Grande  BGG

Picks for Stephen

Ankh Morpork  BGG

The Road to Canterbury  BGG


Music credits include:

Flibberty Gibbet  by Twink, The Toy Piano Band  |  YouTube

Peppermint Bee  by Twink, The Toy Piano Band  |  YouTube

I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones  by The Hoosier Hotshots  |  download song



I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

In the Small Press Category one of my honorable mention games is 1955: The War of Espionage NOT 1950 as stated on the show.


I think the holiday gift guides are my favorite Spiel episodes.  So many great games to try and buy!  At the top of my list is probably On The Cards -- it sounds like what Fluxx should have been.  Can't wait to give it a try.  And it's on my Christmas wish list, so I might have it soon...  And Strasbourg is quite high up there as well.

In the category of recent acclaimed simultaneous puzzle-solving games, do you like Mondo or Uluru better?


Thanks, Josh. We always have fun putting our lists together. :)

As for Mondo/Uluru, I suppose it comes down to whether you like logic puzzles or pattern recognition more. Or whether you like really fast puzzles or puzzles that take a little more  time. Uluru has a strong logic component and has a shorter time limit. Mondo is more about pattern recognition on the tiles and has a much more relaxed time limit. Hope that helps!


I do not understand why you listed so many games that are unavailable for the 2011 holiday season???  Is this not a 2011 holiday gift guide???

Not sure what you mean. There are links listed by each game in the guide showing where you can purchase them right now.

In addition, we made it clear on the show that, yes, some of the games are only available in Europe at the moment. In the internet age we live in, that is certainly no impediment for buying/giving gifts, especially when one can get flat rate shipping through Amazon.de.