Scribbler #9: Win Me! Win Me! (Word Scramble)

Release Date: July 18, 2011

Word Scramble Puzzle

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Scribbler #9

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How well do you know your game components?

Your job is to name all the pieces in the puzzle and unscramble their first letters to find the answer. Don't worry; there's a clue for each bit included. If you do get stuck, use some Google-fu, head to, or conspire with fellow Spielers right here!

Good luck!

Send your solution to  PRIZE DEADLINE: Aug. 8, 2011

Download the puzzle using the links above.


The file seems corrupt.  I can't open it on a Mac.

I am a Mac user and the file opens without a problem for me.

If you have the Preview app on your Mac, try using it to open the file.

So far I haven't had any other reports of problems with the file. If it still doesn't want to open, try deleting and downloading again.

I was using preview, first tried to load from my RSS reader, then tried from the page directly.  Seeing the Facebook post reminded me to check angain, and it pulled up fine.



Odd, indeed.

Glad it worked on the second try. I am guessing the media server must have had a hiccup and the first file was missing some important bits.