Episode 131: Kennerspiel des Schpiel 2011

Release Date: June 20, 2011

Running Time:  211 min.

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Mind games. From pyramids and guild halls to the fields of Agincourt, we review nominees for the "expert" category of gaming's Oscars, the Kennerspiel des Jahres, and predict the winner.

The Nominees: 7 Wonders, Strasbourg, Lancaster
Recommended List: 
Die Burgen von Burgund, Luna
Predictions:  Our favorite, our selection, who will win

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Recommended Games List

Die Burgen von Burgund Official Site | BGG


Build settlements, castles, trade and mine your small principality in this tile/dice game.

Luna Official Site | BGG


Four competing orders work to place one of their members in the mystical title: Luna, Priestess of the Moon. Use novices to gain influence build shrines, perform rites and agin the favor of local Priests.

The Nominees

7 Wonders Official Site | BGG 



Simple yet strategic card drafting game that asks players to construct one of the world's great monuments (and a civilization) over the course of 3 ages and 18 cards.

Strasbourg Official Site | BGG  


Families compete to fill the best positions in five different guilds that rule the council of Strasbourg. Draw cards and stack them to bid for actions, selling goods, and placing buildings.

Lancaster Official Site | BGG



Henry V needs your aid to restore unity to England and increase its influence and prestige in Europe. Place your knight blocks throughout the realm, in your castles and send them abroad to battle in France to gain the most prestige.

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Strasbourg  by The Rakes  |  buy the track

Juégale, Apuéstale  by Aterciopelados  |  buy the track

Games without Frontiers  by Peter Gabriel  |  buy the track

Non Nobis, Domine  (Henry V soundtrack)  |  buy the track

Learning the Game  by Buddy Holly  |  buy the track

Mind Games  by Devo  |  buy the track

Complicated Game  by Moonshine Willy  |  buy the track


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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Holy smokes, 3 and a half hours?  My iPod can barely contain all the Spiel-y goodness.

Three in-depth game reviews + analysis and discusion = super size show. :)

Especially with the chapter breaks and the various segments, we think of these special shows more like audio books, than your typical podcast. It's broken down into bite size sections so you can listen to a small part (10-20 minutes) and know there's more waiting on you the next time you have a moment to tune in.

Three and a half hours?

I am still listening to the history of the grilled cheese (real and imagined). Not even my Origins commute will catch me up to current! 

Kennerspiel Winner 2011: 7 Wonders

Congrats to Antoine Bauza, Asmodee, and Repos Productions!