Episode 130: Kinderspiel des Schpiel 2011

Release Date: June 13, 2011

Running Time:  147 min.

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Kids at heart. From magnetic wizards and sliding monsters to racing worms, we review the nominees for the most prestigious award for children's games, the Kinderspiel des Jahres, and try to predict the winner.

The Nominees: Magician's Kitchem, Monster Trap, There's A Worm In It
Recommended List: 
Der Grosse Kullern, Kissenschlacht, Zicke Zacke, Das Grosse Tier-Rätsel, 1000 Une Ein Schatz, Pappsatt, Grimaffen, Kleine Frschmusik, Magors Lesezauber, Banana Jump, Schätzinsel, Escape from T-Rex
Predictions:  Our favorite, our selection, who will win

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Recommended Games List

Kissenschlatz (Pillow Fight) Official Site | BGG


Ultra cutr dexterity game with catapult see-saws and bean bag pillows.

Pappsatt  (Feeding Time) Official Site


It's feeding time at the zoo. you must carry the right pails of food to the right animals, but the trick is to remember which animal is in what cage and what they like to eat.

Zicke Zacke  Official Site | BGG

Speed game about barnyard animals behind fences. Any game with a poop card, is a sure fire hit with kids.

Grimaffen Official Site | BGG

Build a line of tokens representing animal gestures and noises. Try to perform them al the the correct order to win.

Das Grosse Tier-Rätsel   Official Site | BGG


Try to identify the partially hidden animal pictures through a series of questions and clues

Kleine Froschmusik    BGG


A memory/singing game. Look to find 3 frog cards among the lillypads, then flip over a concert card which tells the group which notes to sing and in what order.

1000 und Ein Schatz   Official Site | BGG


Move around the treasure chamber removing tiles and collecting loot but beware the robber can end the game quicker than you think.

Magors Lesezauber   Official Site | KdJ


A game that uses a high-tech Tiptoi pen to help players complete letter and reading puzzles while trying to find the raven who is stealing from the wizard.

Der Grosse Kullern   Official Site | BGG


Pachinko with bears. Yes, you hear me correctly. Pachinko with bears trying to move up the slanted board by collecting the balls as they fall.

Banana Jump   Official Site | BGG


Place wooden animals in a clearing, trying to fill it with the most of your type before the pesky baboon makes one complete circuit of the board.

Schätzinsel   Official Site | BGG


Pirate game where players must work together to balance the treasure on an uneven ship and avoid the dreaded Fishbeard.

Flucht vor dem T-Rex   Official Site | BGG


Co-op game where players work to keep a small but crafty dino from becoming T-Rex's next dinner.

The Nominees

Magician's Kitchen Official Site | BGG 

Use your magic wand to push your apprentice around the board to 4 cauldrons, but beware of the magnetic stumbling blocks which will cause your ingredients to go flying when you least expect it.

Monster-Trap Official Site | BGG  

Player join two teams and try to capture the most monsters by pushing them through the maze and into the pit using sliders threaded through the board.

There's A Worm In It Official Site | BGG


Race yoru worm through the garden to the compost heap. The catch: this race takes place underground where no one can see! Push 1-6 cm tiles to advance your worm toward the finish line. Make bets along the way to gain bonus tiles.

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I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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