Episode 127: Show Me The Monet

Release Date: May 16, 2011

Running Time:  146 min.

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True Colors. Grab your brush, step up to the easel and join us for a review of Pastiche, a game about mixing paints to create famous works of art.

News & Notes: Alien Frontiers translated, Nedderman Custom Dice, Lancaster
The List: 
Back Shelf Spotlight:  Masterpiece
Truckloads of Goober:  Back-of-the-board art
Playbill:  Munchkin Zombies
Game Sommelier:  5 games to use on a reality TV show for gamers
Mail Bag:  Periodic Table dice, Toruro on Pagat, Sommelier feedback

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Alien Frontiers in Translation Ystari | LocWorks

Ystari Games will be producing French, German, Spanish, and Italian language versions of Alien Frontiers for distribution in Western Europe and LocWorks will be producing and distributing Polish and Eastern European language versions of Alien Frontiers. Both LocWorks and Ystari expect late 2011 release dates.  (for a full review of Alien Frontiers, check out Episode 115: The Stars Our Dicetination)

Say Anything: Family  Official Site | BGG

New edition which promises to be even more fun for kids and parents alike.

Lancaster  Official Site | BGG 

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. Help Henry V unify England and conquer France.

Abraham Nedderman Custom Dice Link

Carbon fiber, aircraft aluminum, machined, laser etched or screen printed, artist Abraham Nedderman makes his living creating dice of every shape and size.

Venture Forth  Kickstarter

In Venture Forth, players have a party of adventurers who each have their own personal ambition. Achieving an ambition allows the player to convert that adventurer's "will" into points and to possibly level him up. All ambitions require the player to venture forth, which means moving his party from one site to another along a path. A combination of resource management, path planning, and timing will help you along the way.

Kamakura  Kickstarter

Kamakura is a game of feudal Japanese warfare in which you attempt to defeat an opponent by taking their territories before they take yours; this is done by carefully choosing combinations of weapons, soldiers, and arrow barrages to attack with, while defending your own territories with a myriad of defensive techniques.

The List

Pastiche Official Site | BGG  |  Buy It  -  Starlit | BG Guy

Play tiles, collect paint cards, use the palette to trade and mix them to create famous works of art!

Back Shelf Spotlight

Masterpiece  BGG  | Buy It  - Amazon.com

The classic auction/bluffing from prolific designer and inventor Marvin Glass.

Truckloads of Goober

Take a moment to celebrate the art that never gtes a chance to be seen while you're playing: the art on the back of the board!


Duel in the Dark


Rum & Pirates



Funny Friends

Tales of the Arabian Nights

Samarkand: Routes to Riches

Surf's Up Dude

Dawn Under

An a


Munchkin Zombies Official Site | BGG 

The latest incarnation of this crazy card combat game pits players (zombies) against a bevvy of puny human "monsters."

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: (from listener Eugene Loh - Singapore) 5 games for a reality TV show where 10-20 contestants compete by playing board games each episode.

Around the World in 80 Games

Fifth Avenue

Glen More

Le Havre

7 Wonders


Puerto Rico

Next Challenge: (submitted by Eric Bussé) 5 games connected to sites on the Unesco World Heritage Monuments.

Pledge Drive 2011

Show your financial support for The Spiel. Help us reach our goal of inspiring 25% of our audience to make a contribution.  Click here to contribute.

Mail Bag

Thanks to Scott McColgin for pointing us to Periodic Table dice!

Toruro is listed at Pagat thanks to Andrés Pabon's translation for The Spiel.

Ken Maher submitted a new game for our Games by Spielers for Spielers forum.

Behind the 8-Ball


Music credits include:

Paint It Black  by Hayseed Dixie  |  Buy It

Mona Lisa  by Conway Twitty  |  Buy It

Vincent  by Alma  |  YouTube

Pictures of Pandas Painting  by They Might Be Giants  |  Buy It

New Coat of Paint  by Tom Waits  |  Buy It

True Colors  by Gennaro Cosmo Parlato  |  Buy It


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

Sponsored Links: Starlit Citadel

Wolsung  Buy It

De Vulgare Eloquentia  Buy It


Sponsored Links: Board Game Guy

Iliad  Buy It  


Secret of Monte Cristo  Buy It


Sponsored Links: Fair Game   Link





Great show as always. A whole whack of information and laughs guaranteed.  And how much is a "whack" of something?  So many it hurts! I keep forgetting that speaking English isn't the same as speaking American. ;-)

You hosers are great eh!

I wonder where the "whack" turn of phrase comes from. I'm guessing hockey, eh?

Stephen - I really think you should start a history podcast. Anyone who can make the development of paint sound so interesting clearly has a gift.

Actually, in the end, the paint preperation sounded far more engaging than the game itself. While the mixing of colours is a little different thematically, and adds an educational bent to the game, it really boils down to the "same ol same ol"  of trading resources for different resources - a path which feels too well trodden for me, right now.

If someone were to break Pastiche out I would happily play, but I'm not sure there is enough there for me to seek it out. Of course, we all have our own preferences and I could well be in the minority.

I loved the Sommelier. I've always liked the idea of doing a world tour playing the right games in the right places. (I once took Canal Grande with me to Venice but could not get the misses to play as she was looking for something called romance).

Hey, I see you snuck Tom Waits in again.

Maybe if we can get the History Channel to sponsor it, I could find time to add another show to the lineup...The fun of history is seeing it in context with other things, not just a dry subject all on its lonesome. Maybe that's why it works well on the show, since it's always colored by the other topics on the slate. I'm not opposed to the idea, but I think I need a TARDIS to give me enough hours to get everything ready.

As for Pastiche, it may be a game that follows a well worn path mechanically, but the sum of the whole is still a fun experience, I would argue even for those familiar with many of the gaming tropes it uses. As a game that opens a new gate to the hobby, I think it may not press every experienced gamer's buttons as you have indicated, BUT I think the more gates there are, gates of quality, especially, the more people will find a way into the hobby through a game that speaks to them. Pastiche is one amongst several, sure. But I think it does a very nice job of introducing these some gamerly concepts in a way that is very accessible to people. Should we hold it against the game that there are others that do this, too? I would say no. There's room enough for both, even if both don't merit a spot on everyone's shelf.

I have now listened to all 127 episodes.  If I haven't said it before, thanks for a great podcast!  Please start putting out episodes at the rate of 1 every 2 days so I can continue listening at my accustomed pace. ;)

I also recently made my first Spiel-induced purchase:  I bought Ubongo, To Court the King, and Loco Motive.  I've played To Court the King twice now, and I'm liking it a lot.  Looking forward to trying out the other two.

Spiel on!

Heh, we'll get right on that episode release schedule.... then you can visit me in a different padded cell!

I've had that experience, too. Not just with podcasts but tv shows, too. Catching up with the current shows can be frustrating. On the flip side, when your only complaint is *I want more* I guess that means we're doing something right. :)

Good mix of games for your first Spiel inspired order. Party, puzzle and dice games. Can't go wrong with those!

Not at all episode related, and a fairly strange thing to get excited about, but I was finally able to support a sponsor! My mix of games has always eliminated all previous sponsors (it takes a pretty big retailer to feed my war game needs as well as the random family or euro game), but I just made an order today where all selections were in stock :) 

Thanks for supporting our Sponsor! More folks that do this, the more likely they are to keep running ads on the show.

Glad they were able to scratch your wargame itch as well as the other categories. In fact, I think a selling point for both our current sponsors is they do a great job of keeping a wide selection in stock.

I have to say, listening to the history segment after having watched this was interesting:



Such an amazing process. And so vibrant!

Thanks very much for posting the link