Episode 117: In the Pink

Release Date: Dec. 13, 2010

Running Time:  111 min.

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Paint the town. We swap camels, diamonds, and other trade goods playing Jaipur, a modern card game with a classic feel.

News & Notes: Dominic Crapuchettes, FFG Event Center, marathon man
The List: 
Back Shelf Spotlight:  Events
Truckloads of Goober:  Sumo Ham Slam
Game Sommelier:  5 games to pair with movies for a game/movie night
Mail Bag:  Kackel Dackel story, Elemental Clash

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News & Notes

Dominic Crapuchettes wins a TAGIE! Link

Congrats to Dominic and the whole North Star Games team!

Mansions of Madness Delayed Link

Problems with the miniatures will push the release of this title back to Spring 2011.

Fantasy Flight Event Center Link

Great venue for gaming in the Twin Cities. A nice selection of board and card games for sale, too.

Sponsor Dave's Half Marathon Run! Email Dave

Dave is taking a trip to Disney World early in 2011 and he's running a half marathon while he's there. Spielers who would like to sponsor Dave's run, can email him with a $/mile rate (minimum $2). Proceeds will be donated to The Spiel Foundation.

The List

Jaipur Official Site | BGG  Buy It

Swap goods and camels at the market to collect tokens and bonuses. First player to win two rounds, becomes the Maharaja's personal trader.

Back Shelf Spotlight

Events BGG

An Pick an event from history. Following an ordered script of 20 questions, the other players try to figure it out.

Truckloads of Goober

Sumo Ham Slam    Official Site  |  BGGBuy It


Magnetic Sumo wrestling hamsters. Do I need to say more?

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: 5 games to pair with movies for a movie/game night

Wok Star & Big Night  |  (IFS film series)


Battlestar Galactica & Walk on Water (IFS film series)

Balloon Cup  & The White Diamond (IFS film series)

Tabletop Curling & Men with Brooms |  (IFS film series)

Scrabble & Word Wars |  (IFS film series)

King of the Dicemouths & Mullholland Drive |  (IFS film series)

Circus Flohcati & Mirrormask |  (IFS film series)

Shogun & Samurai Fiction |  (IFS film series)

Sumo Ham Slam & Sumo Do, Sumo Don't |  (IFS film series)

Vinhos & The Secret of Santa Vittoria |  (IFS film series)

Next Challenge: 5 games for aspiring designers to learn from

Mail Bag

Andi Propst's Living Card Game Elemental Clash  Official Site  |  BGG

Spieler Adnreas Propst wrote in to let us know his new game Elemental Clash has been picked up by TOG Entertainment and will be published in January 2011. Congrats, Andi!


Music credits (courtesy of IODA promonet) include:

Ganesh is Fresh  by MC Yogi  |  Buy the track

Kensariya Banya  by Roopnath Kalbeliya  |  Buy the track

Nepali  by Chuck Jonkey  |  Buy the track

Evening's Journey  by Pradeep Nag  |  Buy the track

Rock On, Hanuman  by MC Yogi  |  Buy the track

In Ankhon Ki masti  by Anupreeta Kumar  |  Buy the Track

I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!


While the concept of a game night/ film night combo sounds like a natural (and plus points for avoiding the obvious matchups like Clue/ Clue, Android/ Blade Runner, Black Vienna/ The Third Man, that recent title about which I've probably said enough for a while or perhaps the 80's slasher flick of your choice alongside the sadly underseen print-and-play epic Death Angel), in practice I've found that it tends to unravel for two main reasons. First, it becomes a stamina test. A good game and a good film could be as much as a couple of hours each and by the end of the socialization and either one of the two activities, your guests may begin to feel the evening drawing on. Second they are two completely different "heads", if you will, one is a passive experience, the other requires engagement and I've found that gear shift to be a bit much to lay on a crowd. A group that is playing tends to want to keep playing, a group watching a film tends to want to go home afterwards.

Now themed game night dinners have proven much more successful and there's a Wok Star/ Loyang centered Chinese menu in my future, according to this cookie here.

I think you could structure a later afternoon/early evening around games and a movie, but everyone's mileage may vary. Especially if you split up the two forms of entertainment with a meal, I think that could "cleanse" the brain's palate enough to make the transition from active to passive.

The other alternative would be to do the game one night and then the movie on the following night, so you're still dealing with the same theme over the two events.

 You're quite right, of course, and it depends on the group, not to mention the game. Okay, if I do get around to my Wok Star dinner party I'll lay in the DVD just in case. (I can't stop matching up games and movies anyway now; it's a compulsive little game once you get started.(Space Alert and Dark Star? Genji and The Pillow Book? A Chinese Ghost Stpry and well, Ghost Stories? A Night to Remember and Save Dr. Lucky? How about Cash 'N' Guns set against the last reel of Alphavlle? Must... stop...thinking...)

What I'm really sorry for is not congratulating you on your choice of Mirrormask, one of my very favorite films that was apparently a little too hip for the room upon its original release- shame, it deserves to be remembered as a classic yet underperformed so badly in its original theatrical run that I began to lose faith in my fellow man. Always nice to hear someone else actually liked it.

Which reminds me, I need to look into that Scott Pilgrim DVD, another movie in which I was a little surprised to find myself the only one in the theater laughing.

Yes, the match game is addictive (thus my 10 picks instead of 5!). Even if you never intend to host such a party, it's a fun exercise.

Mirrormask is a hidden gem. I agree. Coraline is another one that doesn't get nearly enough attention. That would be a great double feature.

I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet but I have heard it is really enjoyable.

Hey, for what it's worth, Fantasy Games, up here in South Bend, IN also has one of the Fantasy Flight devices, which is an iPad in an enclosure, it's pretty slick!

Hey that's cool. The Game Preserve's device was supposed to be in this week, but I haven't had a chance to see it in action yet.

Glen More isn't a rondel game- were you thinking of Navegador by chance?

I haven't played, but according to the description on BGG it does feature a rondell in some form. Here's a quote from the game description:

"Glen More offers a unique turn mechanism. Players take territory tiles from a rondell. Picking a tile has not only influence on the actions you get by the surrounding tiles in your territory, it also determines when you'll have your next turn (and how many turns you will have in the game). But having a lot of turns is not always the best strategy for a successful chieftain."

Wow, that is a loose use of the word "rondell" (might as well say you buy properties from a rondell is Monopoly) but if they say so.  :-)

Several listeners have brought a hilarious mistake to my attention.

I claim the city of Jaipur is 431 miles above sea level. Well, if that were the case, Jaipur would be the only city in orbit!


Clearly, I meant meters, not miles.

But what's a few hundred thousand feet among friends? Heh.

  The Secret of Santa Vittoria now there is a mighty fine film.

I have to go buy Vinhos now (although I was thinking of the film 'Sideways')

Surprised at how few folks know about Santa Vittoria, so I thought that was a better choice than Sideways (also a fine winey film).

Other suggestions include:


A Walk in the Clouds

Year of the Comet

A couple I haven't seen that sound good

Bottle Shock

A Good Year


 Hi Stephen,

I watched The Secret of Santa Vittoria yesterday based on your pick. Great movie - Anthony Quinn was fantastic. I had a glass of wine while watching but no wine game was matched with the movie. Besides Quinn's great performance, I really loved the incredible assembly line.

I expect to see Men with Brooms very soon. Thanks for your movie selections.

Paul Marshall

Glad you enjoyed Santa Vittoria. My favorite part of the movie is the whole town moving the wine, bottle by bottle. I love the fact they don't just gloss over the logistics and show how it would have taken a titanic effort on the part of so many to pull it off.

Let us know what you think of Men with Brooms. Much sillier movie, but still has a lot of charm.