Episode 107: Cubism

107: Cubism

Release Date: Aug. 2, 2010

Running Time:  117 min.

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Forget Picasso. Bring on the dice! We roll through Asteroyds, winding toward three other titles, obscure and sublime, that feature 'dem bones.

News & Notes: Alien Frontiers, Fictionaire
The List: Asteroyds
Table Talk: 

Truckloads of Goober:  Canoe
Back Shelf Spotlight: God Dice
Game Sommelier:  5 games whose components will help you survive

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News & Notes

Alien Frontiers Official Site | BGG

Use orbital stations and alien technology to build colony domes on a distant planet.

Fictionaire Official Site | BGG

A reboot of the classic buffing game Dictionary from Days of Wonder. Game is available in four themed decks small enough to fit in your pocket.

The List

Asteroyds Official Site | BGG

Roll the dice, start the timer, and the race is on! Try to predict where the asteroyds will spin so you can navigate your ship to the gates first.

Back Shelf Spotlight

God Dice  BGG

A fantasy battle royale! Choose your characters, roll a fistful of dice and try to create the best attack combination to knock your opponent into next week.

Table Talk

Shanghaien Official Site | BGG 


6 cards (sailors) in the tavern are up for grabs each turn. Roll dice to try and claim a card to add to your sets. Interesting scoring twist gives this game a great balance between luck and strategy.

Truckloads of Goober

Canoe Official Site | BGG 


A modern classic. Feels like backgammon on some level, but with greater strategy and control. Each wooden board is a hand-crafted piece of art.

The Game Sommelier

The challenge: 

5 games whose components will help you survive if lost in on an island







Next Challenge: 5 games where uneven experience level can kill the game


Music credits (courtesy of Ioda Promonet) include:

"Drunken Sailor"  by Paul Austin Kelly & Richard Durrant  - buy the track

"Space Monkeys II"  by Kidd Rasta & the Peacemakers  -  buy the track

"Space Woman"  by Herman's Rocket  -  buy the track

"Space Elevator"  by John Costello  -  buy the track

"Hey, Mister Space Trolley Man"  by Your Team Ring  -  buy the track


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!


Quite aside from the disturbing multiple personality disorder which leaves him waking from a rum soaked stupor with no memory of what "Peg-Leg" has done while he's been "away", he now believes that you can eat the provisions off of cards and escape from an island in a tiny little plastic boat.

The bright side is that he now happily accepts Spiel donations in Monopoly money.

(Besides why use a little plastic boat when you have a mahogany Canoe?)

 If he's stuck on a desert island surely it was just as a result of a bad role on God Dice ?

That's another possibility, I suppose. As someone who's itching to open my birthday present to myself this weekend, a little number called Arkham Horror VIII: The Lurker At The Threshold ("This time it's personal."), I had assumed the poor lad had at long last failed his sanity roll and been carted off gibbering to the kind folks at Arkham Asylum. I know they certainly helped us- er, me. Me, I said me!