Episode 106: Origins 2010

106: Origins 2010

Release Date: July 5, 2010

Running Time: 181 min.

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Con-versations. We take you on an extended tour of the trade show floor with 19 interviews, featuring publishers and designers big and small.


Out of the Box Games
Minion Games
Asmodee Editions
Designer: Jason Matthews
Blue Panther
Cepia Games
Asmadi Games
Swan Panasia
Designer: Walter Hunt
Stratamax / Valley Games
Queen Games
Northstar Games
Eventide Games
Designer: Kevin G. Nunn
Jolly Roger Games
Blood & Cardstock Games
Baksha Games
and more!

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Origins Interviews 

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Minion Games Link

Gabob   Link

Asmodee Editions Link

Designer: Jason Matthews  Link

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Asmadi Games Link

Swan Panasia Link

Designer: Walter Hunt  Link

Stratamax Games Link    Valley Games  Link

Queen Games  Link

Northstar Games  Link

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Designer: Kevin G. Nunn  Link

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I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!


Is anyone else having a problem downloading the normal (non itunes) mp3 file ?

Syntax, shmyntax.... I forgot the . in the link for the direct download. The error has been corrected, so downloads should work fine now. Sorry for the hassle!

I would think that I would not look forward to the Origins episode much, having just experienced it first hand, but every year you manage to point out all of the things that I missed :)

I walked through the dealer hall many times - how did I miss so many of the games you covered?

This year, I finally remembered to walk through the art show for the first time. I will credit your previous coverage for getting that stuck in my noggin!

We spend lots of time combing the back alleys of the trade show looking for the hidden gems.It takes time and patience to get the interviews many times, but I'm glad it gives people a chance to hear and see things they'd miss otherwise... even if you were there! :)

Wok Star sounds- well, extremely appetizing and kudos to them for selecting an intriguing theme (Zombies have been, if you’ll excuse the expression, done to death. Heck they’ve been brought back from the grave and done to death again. Wait- oh dear, just as I type that I reach the comment from Mr. Matthews that he’s working on, yes, a zombie game. Shows you what I know. What the- is it something in the water? How many is that this year alone,  what with Diplomacy of the Dead, Zombie in my Pocket and so on? Bon chance to them, but having caught Survival Of The Dead recently, I was disappointed that not even Romero himself seems to have much to add on the subject anymore…)
A chance to win original Dixit art? Oh I'm chasing that.  I can just imagine impressing my dinner guests- “Oh I say! Is that a Cardouat over your mantelpiece?” “Oh yes, yes. The original, you know.” “Magnificent! What’s the title of that one?” “You know, I’m not entirely sure…”
Sounds like the beleaguered Taiwanese gentleman is having the same kind of week I am…
So is the “meeple” figure from Carcassonne essentially public domain at this point for anyone to use as they see fit?
“Basically a game for jerks.” There’s your tagline for the box right there.
High hopes for Founding Fathers too; it would be nice to see a good game on this subject because, on a serious note, history is under genuine attack in this country at the moment with ideologues rewriting textbooks or television pundits warping historical movements into unlikely philosophical allies. While I again imagine that your friend from Jolly Roger and I would have much to raucously differ about over the beer I’ll buy him should we ever actually meet (<Further political digression deleted after remembering that this is The Spiel, not one of the many fine political sites the net has to offer. You may breathe easy again.>) I admire the sense of sincerity- one might say mission- he seems to feel about this piece of work.
Oh and if it makes you feel any better, I’ve got broadband and I usually skip The Dice Tower (grin.)


It's hot here, so my comments will jog instead of run.

Wok Star was a real gem. Always great to see a small company make a nice splash onto the scene.

I wonder if Mary Cardouat actually titles her paintings for Dixit... It would be fun to know how she titles them!

I really enjoyed the conversation with Mr. Goethe from Swan Panasia. Fascinating stuff about his battles with game piracy in mainland China.

I always enjoy Jim's political rants becuase although we are on opposite sides of the spectrum in many ways, he's interested in actual discourse and discussion (silliness aside). And on the bigger issues like educating folks on history and political process, we really speak the same language. I was so glad to see his booth swamped with people interested in the game.

Dice what? ;)

Dice! Thanks for reminding me- one more thing- I would be shocked if anyone remembered but some time ago I had some very nice things to say here about a little number called Strut! I wonder if Dave managed to get around to it yet because not only does it come with about 20 dice (!) but it's from the same designer responsible for Canoe, a game I also liked a lot and which lingers on my radar waiting for a more money than sense day to come along. Strut! is his much more affordable offering; wondering if it made an appearance as well.

As a matter of fact, Dave played both Canoe and Strut. I was locked in a pitched battle played Wings of War, so I missed out. :) He came back with a glowing report of both games.

 Founding Fathers is currently top of my want list

Did you get a chance to play it? Any initial thoughts?

I got to play Founding Fathers. In fact it was the very first game I played at Origins.

I enjoyed the game but spent much of my time trying to figure out how all the parts of the game fit together, plus I was distracted (lots of kind folks coming up to say howdy). I actually won the game by sticking to a basic strategy, though my ah-ha moment as to why it was working didn't come until late in the game.

The card play mechanic is similar in some ways to the other polictial games but there are some fun differences as well - the card *backs* actually give you some information on what state and the leanings of the delegates. So, you have some knowledge available about the cards before you actually draw them. Neat!

My one surprise was that although it is a multi-player game, there wasn't as much opportunity for player interaction as I was expecting. That's not really a knock on the game, just a comment on my own expectations going in.

 I commented on this before I'd listened to the whole show - hence my dumb question was answered later in the episode :-)

I really want Founding Fathers now


Interesting to hear the German perspective on the SdJ - this interpretation of a 'family game is probably closer to the definition in England. Although perhaps we are between the US and Germany on this one. I certainly would never classify Roll through The Ages as 'for the family' (though it's a great game) but then probably not Fresco either. Or Dominion for that matter - so, again, fascinating to hear that the award did nothing for sales.

Dixit, though, I would (/will) play with all my family.

Some really good interviews, this time. It felt like you got 'under the skin' a little bit more with some of the discussions.

Interesting to hear how your definition of famly games lines up with the Uli from Queen Games.

I think awards like the SdJ give us the opportunity to re-examine, possibly expand our definitions of family games. This great wider world of games is out there and each year with the lists of games (and eventual winner), we can stack up our definitions and see how many of the games fit with our definition and how many don't.

I think the definition of what constitutes family entertainment here in the States is long overdue for a redefinition. My own approach therefore includes games that probably push the margins

Hey guys,

Another excellent Origins episode!  This is one of the highlight shows along with the GenCon.  I love hearing about small companies that have cool games that I would not otherwise have know about.  So here we go.

It's good to see Queen stepping up their service and presence in the USA.  I really a lot of their games. The interview was interesting and fun. 

North Star - I was a bit hesitant about W&W Family but all the buzz around it has changed my mind.  I'll probably get this instead of the regular version.

Cabo sounds fun as does Dim Sum Derby.  Good Help also but too expensive.

I've also determined, though you and other podcasts, that Founding Fathers is worth a look.

Last of all, if you need playtesters for ScopaDice I'm volunteering.

Spiel On!

Go Forth And Game,

tomg (tomgurg.wordpress.com)