Scribbler #7 - Big Deal

Scribbler #7 - Big Deal

Release Date: July 19, 2010

Match-Up Puzzle

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Dave the Klutz has done it again.

He has dropped one of his drawers full of card games.

Your job is to match each of the 40 cards with its correct title. Good luck!

Send your solution to  PRIZE DEADLINE: July 28, 2010

Download the puzzle and the solution using the links above.


 This is a hard one!  My usual tactic of searching with Google for information on the ones I don't know has been well....tougher than a game of 52 card pick-up.

This one is a real challenge!

Dave selected the cards and I composed (and took) the photo.

He didn't give me tha answer key, so I tried it myself and consider myself very lucky to have found 32/40.

Happy hunting...

 I'll be curious to see how people search for the cards they don't know.  Dice images were a lot easier to find and then trace to a game.  Cards not so much... (at least so far)



 32?!?  I'm in trouble.  Off the start I own 1 and recognized another 2.  After a few hours (yes hours) of research, I'm at 17.

 You are doing well.  I don't think I'll have enough time by the deadline to get even that far.  Once the contest is over I'd love to hear how you approached the search.

So I took out the pic at game club - no one was able to add more to my list :(

We did get to play one of the games on the list (though it was one I had already figured out)

Yeah, I got to about half of them (I think) just on the first look.  A couple others kind of look familiar, but I don't know them for sure.  Very well done. 

Here it is. I know I was slapping my forehead on a few. :)

1    Circus Flohcati
2    You’re Bluffing
3    Sleuth
4    Stop Lights
5    Vantage
6    Xactika
7    Walk the Plank
8    Alibi
9    Split
10    Where’s Bob’s Hat
11    Scary Tales
12    Quiddler
13    Set
14    King’s Breakfast
15    Mille Bornes
16    Mhing
17    Trumpet
18    Forbidden
19    Titan the Arena
20    Grass
21    R-eco
22    Tortuga
23    Mu & More
24    Escalation
25    Raj
26    Quests of the Round Table
27    Nuclear War (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
28    Scavenger Hunt
29    Instinct
30    Luck Plus
31    The Great Dalmuti
32    Res Publica
33    Die Sieben Siegel
34    Saboteur
35    Fill or Bust
36    Lunch Money
37    Tichu
38    Top That!
39    Lord of the Fries
40    Anarchy


Most of these I'd never even heard of - haha.  I only own 1 (Mille Bornes) which I've never played, and have only played 1 (Saboteur)

I got 16 in the end...   2,3,6,9,12,13,15,16,17,19,20,23,28,34,36,37

For those who asked how I found what I did find.  Google was no help (it kept bring up games with "standard" card decks).  Amazon actually was a pretty big help this time

Congrats to the winners!