Episode 96: Going Once

96: Going Once...

Release Date: Feb. 15, 2010

Running Time:  116 min.

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Going twice, Sold! We push up the bid to play two unusual auction games from the pioneer prairies in Homesteaders to the blistering kitchens of Restaurant Row.

News & Notes: Spielbox redux, Mystery Express, Dominion Alchemy/Prosperity
The List:
Table Talk: 
Restaurant Row
Back Shelf Spotlight:  Auf Achse
Truckloads of Goober:  high tech and board games collide!
Game Sommelier:  5 games for fans of the Saints
Mail Bag: 

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

 News & Notes

Mystery Express   Link | BGG

ALatest offering from Days of Wonder returns to the whodunnit genre. Players must use logic and deduction to discover a murderer before the Orient Express arrives at its final destination.

Spielbox Magazine Confirms an English Edition!

Seven issues per year at around $76. We're eager to get our hands on the first edition.

Dominion: Stash Card  Link

A new promo card that should be available in the US and overseas very soon.

Dominion: Prosperity   BGG

Due to release later this year, this expansion was announced at the Nuremburg Toy and Game Fair.

Dominion: Alchemy Official Site | BGG

The first smaller expansion to the base game. Did someone say lead into gold?

The List

Homesteaders Official Site | BGG

Bid on plots of land to develop a dusty settlement into a city by constructing buildings and generating resources. Do well, and they might even name the town after you!

Table Talk

Restaurant Row Official Site | BGG 

It's a busy neighborhood full of up-and-coming eateries. You're in charge of one! Butt heads with your fellow chefs as you shop for ingredients, hire the best staff, or add a dance floor or patio seating.  Find a way to satisfy the fickle tastes of the dining public and you're sure to be the last restaurant standing.

Back Shelf Spotlight

Auf Achse  BGG 

Pick up and deliver game with a fun auction element. 1987 Spiel des Jahres winner.

Truckloads of Goober

Apple's iPad

Queen's University Human Media Lab : Flexible screen game tiles

Spray-on glass

The Game Sommelier

The challenge: 5 games for fans of the winning Super Bowl team

Thanks to Saints fans Scotty & Nancilynn Dickey and Toby Otero for coming to my rescue! I was too distraught from the Colts' loss to put myself in the shoes of a true fan.

Scotty and Nancy's Selections

Utterly Outrageous Drinking Game

Busen Memo

Take It Easy

Wat 'n Dat

Joan of Arc / Voodoo Doll Game

(bonus) Parade

Toby's Selections

Shocking Roulette


Pizza Box Football

Next challenge: 5 games that use electricty that are actually good games and not just gimmicks. 

Mail Bag

Congratulations to Sean Ross on the publication of Haggis, a print and play game once featured here on The Spiel forums!


Music credits (courtesy of Ioda Promonet) include:

"Home on the Range" by Joseph Alessi - buy the track

"Gentle Western Theme" by William Goldstein - buy the track

"Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo" by Washington Saxophone Quartet - buy the track

"Old West F-Over" by Leadfoot - buy the track

"Tofu & Thai Food" by Hairy Apes BMX - buy the track

"The Lot" by Sister Suvi - buy the track


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

Dave says every building tile has an automatic income source. This is not the case. Some building tiles do, but many do not.

Bill "The Time Lord" Hand is actually The Spiel's first 5 time donor (not 6x).


   Guys, sorry to say I have been trying to download and listen all morning, but the download from itunes keeps timing out. Then I tried to download directly to desktop, and it failed also. Some link problem with the episode? Thanks.

   Disregard. the download did work this time around 11 am or so. thanks.



Thanks for letting me know, Jason. Just our luck to have technical problems on the day a new show releases. Grr.

It looks like the media server we use is experiencing som time out problems. I have submitted my support ticket and they were already aware of the issue. They have been very quick to deal with problems in the past, so my hope is they'll have it under control before the end of the day.

I also posted this on the BGG guild... 

I thought it might interest your listeners to know that the Board Game Designers Forum http://www.bgdf.com just posted the entries to this month's Game Design Showdown, which coincidentally was about designing a game using the soon-to-be released iPad as a central board and iPhones/Touches as player boards.  Check out the entries by following this link:  http://www.bgdf.com/node/2800

Designers were challenged to create a game that somehow incorported factions and were given an 800 word limit to describe their entries.  Enjoy!

Cool link!

And a good reminder about BGDF which is a great resource for designers.

 You know, normally, after you reveal the answer to Name that Game I have a "D'Oh!" moment where I realise how simple the clues were and kick myself for not getting the correct answer.

(although, of course, sometimes I have got it right anyway :-)

...but, this episode, I listened to the solution and found myself none the wiser. I still don't really get it. Do I need to take a course in electronics ?

could you explain, for the dimwitted, in a little bit more detail how the blue greens become numbers? 


I still think  Command and Colours is a better answer.

I, too, guessed Commands and Colors, thinking it was both a clever puzzle and relatively easy. In fact, if you wanted a puzzle for C&C, that would work perfectly. Oh, well.

Command and Colors was too darn easy.

Especially given the torrent of "this was waaay too easy" responses we have had of late, it was high time we made your brain melt a little.



Resistors are so small that there just isn't room to accomodate the rating, so a color code was adopted.  Most resistors have 4 bands of color on them.  The following colors represent numbers:

black: 0,   brown: 1,   Red: 2, orange: 3, violet: 4, green: 5, blue: 6, violet: 7, grey: 8, white:9

the first band is the first digit of the resistance

the 2nd color is the second digit

the 3rd color is the number of zeroes you tack onto the end

the 4th color has to do with the tolerance ( Ex: gold means good to within 5%)

So if it says green, blue, red, gold, it means 5600 Ohms +/- 5%

Even knowing that I didn't get it right because I didn't get the stupid alphabet part. 

Hope that helps..

Maybe next we can do a "capacitance is futile" name that game

Dave P.


 hey, Dave, thanks for the info.

It's amazing what a person can learn here at Spiel Central !

Thanks for taking the time to clue Mr. Steerpike in.

I am trying to imagine the alien race whose catch phrase would be "Capacitance is futile." Heh.

Edit: violet is 7 and yellow is 4.  oops.


 so that's why my house burnt down ? you gave me duff information!