Episode 91: Present & Accounted For - 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

91: Present & Accounted For

2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Release Date: Nov. 23, 2008

Running Time: 164 min.

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A package deal. We kick start this holiday season with over 50 game suggestions in dozens of categories and for budgets of all sizes. 

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 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Having many years of experience in retail, most people who need help shopping ask one of two questions:

I need a gift for someone who's X years old


I need a gift for a someone who really likes X.

As we did in 2008, we are using the second question as the basis for our gift guide. The following list of suggestions is divided into categories of interests. 24 of them, to be exact. While the list is certainly not comprehensive, we're betting a lot of people on your list share one or more of these passions. We include games across the spectrum from party and kid's games to games for non-gamers and games for the hard-core geeks.

We hope everyone has a great holiday season filled with fun and games!


Fauna BGG

Duck Duck Safari BGG

Honorable Mention: Snow Tails  

Science Fiction

Space Hulk BGG 

Ad Astra BGG

Honorable Mention:  Space Alert, Galaxy Trucker


Dixit BGG

World Without End BGG 

Honorable Mention: Master's Gallery, Modern Art: The Card Game, Kachina


Restaurant Row   BGG

Bacchus' Banquet BGG 

Honorable Mention: Wasabi, King's Breakfast, Primordial Soup, A la Carte


Traders of Carthage - BGG

Lookout Games:

       Agricola (BGG)Le Havre (BGG), At the Gates of Loyang (BGG), 1853 (BGG)

Ubongo Series - BGG

       Ubongo, Ubongo Extreme, Ubgono: The Duel, Ubongo 3D

Alea Medium Box Series:  

       Alea Iacta Est  BGG

Alea Big Box Series:

       Macao  BGG


Formula D BGG 

Hurry Cup BGG 

Honorable Mention: Automobile 

Construction & Building

Ystari Box  BGG 

Master Builder BGG

Honorable Mention: Roll Through Ages


A Brief History of the World   BGG

Agricola BGG

Honorable Mention: Automobile, 1960: Making of the President, Die Macher, Here I Stand 


Middle Earth Quest BGG

Dungeon Lords BGG 

Honorable Mention:Age of Conan, Talisman: Frostmarch, Thunderstone


Opera BGG

Turandot  BGG 

Honorable Mention: Schrille Stille, New Orleans Big Band, Songburst, Trumpet


Dice Town BGG 

The Adventurers BGG 

Honorable Mention:  Long Shot, Fauna 


Subbuteo Table Soccer  Episode 44

Long Shot  BGG

Honorable Mention: Duell, Pizza Box Football, Box of Golf

Gardening & Farming

Finca  BGG

Tulipmania 1637 BGG

Honorable Mention: Agricola: Farmers of the Moor BGG


Torres BGG 

Take It Easy BGG | Burley Games

Honorable Mention: Santiago, Lost Cities, Acquire, Carrom


Ghost Stories BGG 

Witch of Salem BGG 

Honorable Mention: Touch of Evil (with Something Wicked and Hero Pack), Scary Tales, Zombie Mosh


Tales of the Arabian Nights BGG  

Pillars of the Earth BGG  

Honorable Mention: War of the Ring, A Game of Thrones, Fury of Dracula, Age of Conan 

Parties & Entertaining

You Robot BGG

Long Shot BGG 

Honorable Mention: Wits & Wagers (with Expansion), Letter Roll, Bezzerwizzer


Zooloretto for iPhone  Link

Scopa 09 for the iPhone  Link

Scopacards  Link

Magic: The Gathering on Xbox Live Arcade Link



Qwirkle Cubes BGG 

Honorable Mention: Ubongo 3D, Baffle, Pandemic   

Westerns & Cowboys

Dice Town BGG 

Bang!  BGG 

Honorable Mention:  Pony Express, Wyatt Earp, Boomtown, Gnadenlos


Hotel Amsterdam  Link

Dominion Seaside Link

Honorable Mention: Endeavor


Bull in a China Shop BGG 

Basari (or Edel, Stein & Reich) BGG

TV & Movies

Star Trek Monopoly: Compendium Edition BGG 

Battlestar Galactica with Pegasus Expansion BGG 

Honorable Mention: Doctor Who Solitary Story Game

Military History

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear BGG 

Command & Colors: Ancients BGG 

Honorable Mention: Manoeuvre, Hammer of the Scots, España 1936, Memoir '44

Games for Dave

Alea Iacta Est BGG 

Macao  BGG 

Expansion: Ystari Box BGG

Games for Stephen

Okko BGG 

Android  BGG

Expansion: Ghost Stories: White Moon  BGG


Music credits (courtesy of Ioda Promonet) include:

"Season of Joy"  by Sounds of Blackness - buy the track

"Oh Hanukkah"  by Gods of Fire - buy the track

"Christmas Song"  by The Swingle Singers - buy the track

"Joy to the World (Mocean Worker Remix)"  by Cathedral Brass - buy the track

"Chag Semayach"  by Bozzi Records - buy the track

"El Lechón De Chachete"  by Yomo Toro - buy the track

"The Somerset Wassail"  by Magpie Lane - buy the track

"Jingle Bells (Dan the Automator Remix)"  by Dean Martin - buy the track

"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies (Red Baron Remix)"  by Berlin Symphony Orchestra - buy the track

"Good King Wenceslas" (Patrick Krouchian Remix)  by CSSR State Philharmonic - buy the track

"Dont Plan No Party This Christmas"  by Mel Brown & the Homewreckers - buy the track


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!


…and stirring on the forums- oh dear no, it’s Is.

He’s chipper; he’s chirpy. He says, “Great show, guys!

I’m sure you’re just dying to hear my replies.

My cheers for Monopoly, my take on the news,

Questions on song rights for heavy metal Jews.

May I say that for me it's a bit of a mystery

That you missed the new Chrononauts for students of history.

And for shopping there’s Gift Trap! For shopping there’s Spree!

And Klunker is also occurring to me.”

With a scroll from his pocket he says, “Just a bit more,”

Then you watch as the paper rolls over the floor.

But what should creep up behind as he basks in himself

But a quietly murderous psychotic elf

Who bludgeons the bore with a huge candy cane.

It cracks him out cold! You imagine the pain!

“So sorry,” says another elf, “for being so violent

But we thought you lads might like one night to be silent.

Blang has anger issues and rarely gets the chance

To work through these- wait, he’s removing his pants!

Bling and Blong! Quick, wrestle him back to the sleigh!

You know the boss frowns on our working that way!”

Then bundling the crumpled form into his sack,

He says, “Now don’t worry, we’ll soon bring him back.

We’ll just keep him quiet until the New Year.

Now on Knizia! On Friese! Let’s get out of here!”

But you hear them exclaim as they’re soaring away,

“You don’t have to win! You just have to play!”

I'm speechless, Gregory. Nicely done. Thanks for turning your literary talents to the latest show.

I love the image of Knizia and Friese as reindeer. But who's driving the sleigh? Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly?  Mr Sackson? Mr Gygax? :)

PS: I thought about Klunker for the shopping category but it's not as available as it once was, so as a gift it might be harder to come by.

 argh - too many games ! Does not compute !

Mammoth show with some 'interesting' recommendations, mostly from the slightly left of centre mind of a certain Mr Coleson.

I've downloaded Scopa09 onto my iPhone and now I'm hooked. See you on the Scopacards website :-)

Glad I can help spread the Sopa addiction far and wide.

Dave did get a little too creative dodging some of the categories, but at least the games he recommended were good ones.