Episode 5: Renaissance Rockets

5: Renaissance Rockets

Release Date: May 22, 2006

Running Time: 82 min.

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We play our way from the past to the future, covering Klaus Teuber's Anno 1503 and Richard Garfield's Rocketville. Two great designers, but alas, only one great game.

News & Notes: LOTR: Battlefields, Kuncklebones Magazine
The List: Anno 1503, Rocketville
Backshelf Spotlight: Duell, Scopa
Truckloads of Goober: Andromeda
Game Sommelier: Five games for eight players that are not team games

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Game News & Notes

Lord of the Rings: Battlefields BGG Entry

An new expansion to the great co-op game from Reiner Knizia.

Knucklebones Magazine BGG Entry

A fun new bi-monthly publication dedicated to board and card games.

The List

Anno 1503 BGG entry Computer Game Official Site

Klaus Teuber slaps his Catan mechanic on this computer game remake.

Rocketville BGG Entry Official Site

Wheel and deal to become Mayor of the Moon in Richard Garfield's latest

Backshelf Spotlight: Games with Swords

Duell BGG Entry

Scopa BGG Entry Rules with examples Decks for Sale

Truckloads of Goober

Andromeda BGG Entry

As promised, here's a picture of the "Cosmic Ashtray"

Game Sommelier

The Challenge: Find five games for eight players that are not team games. The games must have individual winners AND the group must be able to play multiple times in one evening.

Stephen's List

Dave's Vote

Apples to Apples Thumbs Up
Snorta Thumbs Up
Kill Doctor Lucky Thumbs Up
Lord of the Fries Thumbs Up
Scum: The Food Chain Game Thumbs Up
Robo Rally  
Formula De  

A perfect score! Woo hoo!


Jason did, in fact, win only one of the two games (Rocketville) we played before this episode. Dave tried his best to sneak in that second victory, sorry Jason. I'm sure there are more goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!