Episode 6: Monkey Pirates

6: Monkey Pirates

Release Date: June 20, 2006

Running Time: 95 min.

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Two bargains, one steal. From the high seas to ancient jungle temples, we fight our way through Tortuga and strike gold with Monkey Mission.

News & Notes: Lexio, Dead Money
The List: Tortuga, Monkey Mission
Backshelf Spotlight: Euchre, Backgammon
Truckloads of Goober: Bausack Noir
Game Sommelier: Five games based on books thatt could be used as part of a middle schooler's book report

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Game News & Notes

Lexio BGG Entry

A beautiful new tile game in the tradition of Great Dalmuti & Gang of Four.

Dead Money BGG Entry

Zombies in the Old West playing poker. How can you go wrong?

The List

Tortuga BGG entry

A 2-player pirate card game. Too structured! Pirates crave chaos!

Monkey Mission BGG Entry Made for TV Movie

Colorful, fun in-the-board style memory game with great components.

Backshelf Spotlight: 24 (see the connection?)

Euchre BGG Entry History Debate Rules Links

Backgammon BGG Entry Glossary History Clubs

Truckloads of Goober

Bausack: Sac Noir BGG Entry

Uber Goober this week. Fun stacking game with wild shaped pieces

Game Sommelier

The Challenge: Dave is an 8th grader. He's got to do a book report for your class on a famous novel. Instead of doing the typical boring speech, he decides to find a game based on the book and use it to help illustrate and explain the story by teaching and then playing the game.

Find five games based on books where the story is deeply rooted in the mechanic or process of playing the game. No pasted on themes! In other words, the teacher has to be able to tell you