Episode 10: GenCon Part 1

10: GenCon Part 1

Release Date: Aug. 21, 2006

Running Time: 76 min.

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Nerd up! Put on your badges and head for the dealers room, we're going to give you a geek's eye view of Gen Con, the world's largest game convention.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Cool Games from Gen Con 2006

Valley of the Pharaohs Official Site

Cool metal figures, cloth board, nice wooden box. If only it weren't a roll & move game!

Dread Pirate Official Site

Also from Front Porch Classics. Great components.

Pieces of Eight Official Site

A pirate game you play with funky metal coins

Dead Man's Treasure BGG Entry

New pirate game from Reiner Knizia.

Pecking Order BGG Entry

Richard Garfield's strategy card game of bird battling fun.

Conquest of Pangea BGG Entry

Mid to high level strategy game with cool moving continent boards

Voltage BGG Entry

Lost Cities derivative. Noteworthy since it is one of Mattel's first forays into the euro-style game market.

Desert Bazaar BGG Entry

Also Mattel. Another old company reacting to rise in euro-game popularity!

Kineti-Go Official Site

Tabletop wooden magnetic shuffleboard game. Ultra cool!

Blue Moon City Official Site

Board game set in the same world as the card game. Card combos are cool.

Great Wall of China BGG Entry

Play card to sections of the wall to gain favor with the Emperor.

Warrior Knights Official Site

Fantasy Flight remake of Games Workshop classic. Truckloads of Goober!

Tide of Iron Official Site

Squad level WW II strategy board game. Competitor for Memoir '44.

Marvel Heroes Official Site

All the classic Marvel heroes against the super villain greats. Looks great!

Shear Panic BGG Entry

Rearrange your field of big plastic sheep to win the game. Sounds like a kid's game but it isn't.

Weinhandler BGG Entry

An auction game and a set collecting game? Funky little wine bottle pieces.

Mesopotamia BGG Entry

Collect wood and stone to make offerings to the gods. Wacky octo-hexes.

Emira BGG Entry

Princes compete to become the best suitor to the harem.

Hold-It Official Site

Unique card holder for games. Great for games like Settlers of Catan.

Hobby Cube Official Site

Modular wooden drawer units with wide variety of drawer widths.

Chessex Dice Official Site

Amazingly cool custom laser cut dice for only $1 per die!

Utilikilts Official Site

Free yourself from the tyranny of trousers!

Wee Wickeds Official Site

Funky demented art from Mark Murphy.

Venus Needs Men Official Site

Campy 50s sci-fi board game.

Parlay Official Site

Hold 'em Poker combined with Scrabble. Cool!

Scavenger Hunt Official Site

Scavenger Animals compete for the best carcasses.

Mimic BGG Entry

Safari themed card matching/matrix game.

You've Been Sentenced Official Site

Very inventive language building game.

The Spoils Official Site

Collectable strategy card game. Interesting mechanics.

The Great Space Race Official Site

Silly scifi spaceship race from Kenzer & Co.

Wargods of Aegyptus Official Site

Amazingly cool fantasy egyptian miniatures war game

Cadwallon BGG Entry

Very unique tactical fantasy miniatures game

Curse of the Mummies Tomb BGG Entry

Classic Games Workshop. Dave got it at the auction. Don't ask the price!

Kings & Things BGG Entry

Classic Games Workshop game. Dave got it at the auction!

Quest of the Magic Ring BGG Entry

Lord of the Rings themed board game I hadn't seen since grade school. My auction find for the year!

Neolithibum Official Site

Rock stacking game with a caveman theme.


I called Gang of Four a board game. It's a card game.

In Emira, you play a prince courting the harem, not vice versa.

The name of the Arabian themed Euro style game from Mattel is Desert Bazaar.

I'm sure there are more goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!