Culturally Neutral Party Games

Hey guys,
Here's a quick challenge for you that I don't think will be too hard. I'm going camping next weekend with a bunch of Russians (long story) and have been asked to bring some games. These games need to accomodate at least several people, ideally more than 10, so we're talking party games. They all speak English pretty well, so the language barrier shouldn't be a problem at least in terms of explaining the games. The issue is that they may not be very keen on American pop culture, trivia, etc. that so many party games rely on. (Or they might know more than they think, but don't want to play with an American that they assume--incorrectly--will trounce them.) So do you have any ideas for culturally neutral party games? As an added stipulation, they should be suitable for the camping environment. I suppose this is a variation of the Boy Scouts challenge from a couple episodes, but for a group of multicultural adults. Spacibo!


Here is a quick list based on the number of players and keeping the goober to a minimum. 1) Dictionary: dictionary and paper and pencil. 2) Electronic Catch Phrase: just the hand-held unit. 3)Ricochet Robot: leave the box for this one at home. 4)Who's the Ass: card deck and paper and pencil. 5) Fill or Bust: 6 dice and paper and pencil. These five games pretty much run the gamut and would all fit in a back pack!!

P.S. Don't forget the vodka!