Two-broken-arms games

The latest challenge is to find games for someone with two broken arms (from that freak trumpeting accident).  So, if there's any manipulation of components to be done, someone else has to do it for them.  Plus, we can't use anything older than 1980.

My first reaction to this was Can't Stop.  What a shame to not be able to roll the dice for yourself, but what do you expect with two broken arms?  However your move can be described with just a pair of numbers, indicating how you're splitting your four dice up into two sums.  And with a publilcation date of 1980, it just squeaks in.



Feast your eyes on Mindball:


I can just see Dave and I battling for hours since neither one of us will end up relaxed enough to win!

   Dave, was Caylus considered to be on the list? It is easy enough and happens all the time, that people will place and pass out the resources, and place the building tiles and houses and workers for you. No problem at all for someone else to do the placing. Later, The Provost.