Scribbler #2 - Crossword - My Favorite Pastime...Period!

As promised, a devilish crossword puzzle SURE to keep you busy while you're waiting for the next show.

Dave deserves all the credit/blame. He tortured me for several weeks fine tuning the clues and I think he did an excellent job (torturing me AND creating the puzzle).

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For those who prefer to Spiel a la carte, here's a direct link to the puzzle.

We're still off enjoying the warm weather, but be sure to look for the Listener's Choice episode coming in two weeks.

Spiel on!



I hate Dave (and you by proxy). Wikipedia got me most of it, but the upper right corner is dead to me.

I'm merely the minion to Dave's evil plan this time, but I'll still revel in your curses. Heh.

That said, the upper right corner nearly killed me, too. there are a couple groaners when you finally figure it out, for sure.

13 Across ("Wheel of Fortune" contestants license plate?) should have the answer VANNA T, as in Vanna White crossed with vanity license plates. But it's not.

I'll let Dave torture you with hints.

Your solution is very clever... but not even close! :)

The Answer is a phonetic description of what all Wheel of Fortune contestants become several times over the course of the show. Of course, it is pluralized!


Some of you have waited patiently for answers. Others have been pulling their hair out. Well, the wait is over!

Download the solution to the puzzle here.

Make sure to let Dave know how you did on the puzzle. He drove me crazy with several clues, for sure.