Next games to be played

Hi guys new listener here.

Liking the show, its got a good vibe :)

Heres a suggestion for a game to play from your list, Hacienda!

I'm starting up a new game of it on SBW and want to know what i'm getting myself in for :)



Welcome, FLo!

Thanks for the kind words.

Our friend Jason raves about Hacienda, and I know Dave is chomping at the bit to play it, too. We'll move it up to the short list at the top of our list. :)

Stay tuned...



I happened to hear a comment on your podcast about trick taking games, as they were just a simple form of auction games. Interesting.

Then I listened to the podcast, the Metagamers, and they described Taj Mahal as an area influence game. I

Hey, Stromer.

That's an interesting theory and I think it holds up pretty well!

When you think about it, even games where you are vying to control areas of the board (let's say in El Grande, for instance), in essence, you're upping the "bid" whenever you are able to place more of your cubes in that province.

When you say influence based games are "parallel, simultaneous, and slow auctions," the only word I might add to your phrasing is free-form, since the auction rounds might not conform to a traditional you-bid-then-I-bid format in all cases. For instance, again in El Grande, on your turn you might not be able to influence an area(auction) because of the position of the Grande and there are multiple auction winners determined by the scoring rounds. It's an auction of a sort, but adding free-form to the definition accomodates the non-standard auction features, too.

You've got me thinking now... There's always the danger of pushing a definition too far, making it so broad that it loses its initial meaning, but I think there's something to this theory of yours.

As for your Space Beans/ Balloon Cup connection guess, its a good one, but it's not the mystery connection! So far no one has nailed it, so if inspiration strikes again, feel free to send us your guesses.

Thanks for listening.

Spiel on!


You guys could do a cathedral themed show. Play these two from The List: "The Pillars of the Earth" and "Notre Dame."

Just a thought. Anyway, I really enjoy the shows. As long as you record them I will listen. Happy gaming!

Federal Way, WA

The only real problem is we are both windbags!

If we can find a away to discuss both those fairly involved games in a decent amount of time, we'll give it a shot!



Point taken. But I listen to your podcast precisely to hear you guys talk (windbag?). But those two games are both a little meaty. (Aha! another challenge!) I guess I was also curious to know what you would title the episode with those two games. ;-)

Federal Way, WA

I don't know how keen you guys are going to be about tackling a game like Runebound after the monster that was Twilight Imperium... but that would be one serious way to take a chunk out of The List in one fell swoop by doing it along with all the expansions. Plus, I'm a BIG sucker for fantasy games and I can't wait until you guys get around to World of WarCraft - great game but LONG! I think ya'll like it.

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