Scribbler #1 - Word Search - BGG Top 50

We're introducing a new feature to The Spiel: print and play puzzles!

When we take breaks ( or perhaps even during our off weeks), we'll be including some game related puzzles to print and play with while you're waiting for the next show.

First up, a word search featuring the top 50 games rated at Board Game Geek.

Here's a link to the puzzle itself (in pdf format).

Feel free to pool your brain power in this forum. I'll be creating a listing for each puzzle.

After we let you suffer for at least a week or two, we'll also post the answers here.


just what I need, more puzzles to keep my head spinning while I can't decipher the Name That Game clue.

Actually, I've passed this one to Steerpike Jr who is well up for it. He loves word searches.

Glad to know I can bamboozle at least one person with my puzzles (I wrote this one). Mine tend to be solved more easily than the ones Dave and Mark come up with. That said, you'll probably want to punch me when you get it.

We're really excited about the crazy things we can to with the Scribblers. This first one was more proof of concept than anything else.

With that in mind, the next Scribbler is MUCH more difficult, so get ready!

Just for the record, I have found "Go" in the puzzle in four separate places. I'm looking for more.

I see this as a subconcious manifestation of your desire to improve your game.


Steerpike (Simon "Go Master" Wilcock)

If I was the author of Scribbler #1, I think you'd definitely be on to something. As Steerpike knows well, my Go game is, well, a bit erratic. (He is trouncing me on Facebook)

I was actually the author of the latest Name That Game puzzle (the one still running), and Dave did the Scribbler. Sorry for the confusion.

I  didn't realise that The Spiel was in the BGG Top 50 games.  So what's the game about? Does it have oodles of goober?  And does it make use of our Spiel dice?



Here's the solution to Scribbler #1.

If you're still working, no peeking!

Hope you all had fun with this. We're going to publish them as often as we can and also to fill the gaps during our two breaks.