Episode 402 - Mind MGMT

Release Date: June 30, 2022

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Running Time:  115 min

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Hidden in plain sight, Mind Management, is a shadow organization renting space in your head. They’ve been there for years. And if you believe them, life would be incredibly worse without their efforts to keep major disasters from becoming global catastrophes. Psychic espionage they call it. They can bend reality as you know it. Or break it.

Right now, Mind Management is recruiting new agents in Zanzibar. But today won't be easy. There’s a rag-tag group of Rogue Agents scouring the city, trying to stop the Recruiter at any cost.

Mind Management is a one against many game of hidden movement and deduction based on the brilliant graphic novel series of the same name by Matt Kindt. Rogue Agent players race against time to locate the Recruiter before that player rounds up enough new trainees. The game can be played as a stand alone experience or as part of a series, where the rules and the stakes are raised with each new game.

Tune in for a deep dive into the game and the books, as well as a round table discussion with an intrepid group of dedicated Spielers recounting their adventures exploring Mind MGMT over many months.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Gubbins, Erwin Susara, Mike McMann

Mind MGMT    Off The Page Games  |  BGG

Designer: Sen-Foong Lim, Jay Cormier

Artist: Matt Kindt

Publisher: Off The Page Games

1-5 players  60-90 min.  ages 13+   MSRP $88

Time to teach/learn:  20-30 minutes

Mind MGMT Graphic Novels


Music credits include:

Theme from The Third Man   by Anton Karas  |  the song

Theme from Double Indemnity  by Miklos Rosza | the song

Theme from The Third Man  by The Beatles | the song

Theme from Chinatown  by Jerry Goldsmith  |  the song

Shakedown  by Bob Seger  |  the song

9th Street Shakedown  by Megan Mullally & Supreme Music Program  |  the song