The Spiel is hosted by Stephen Conway and David Coleson


Dave is a former Marine, professional musician (trumpet) and a game designer and developer. He enjoys collecting dice, disc golf, and good games with good friends. 

Dave's first published game, Junk in My Trunk, releases in 2017 from CSE Games.

Stephen is a writer, filmmaker and game designer and developer. He is also Major Fun! Check out his web site . In addition, he runs two non-profit organizations, the Indiana Film Society and The Spiel Foundation

We both share a deep and abiding passion for games and the importance of play as a lifelong pursuit. Fun isn't something we outgrow. It's a vital part of life. Our hope is to open a door to the wider world of games through creative projects like The Spiel, Major Fun and documentary films like Made For Play: Board Games & Modern Industry.

The Spiel Foundation raises money to donate bundles of quality board and card games to children's hospitals and senior centers across the country. To date, we have donated over 1500 games to kids and seniors who could use more fun in their lives.

To learn more about The Spiel, poke around our episode archives. Over 270 episodes to explore!

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